Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge sat out the spring training games on March 11, 2024. AP

Aaron Judge had a very slow start to the 2024 season. It has been quite a concern for the fans because the New York Yankees captain is one of their most dependable sluggers. Most importantly, the NY side needs their captain to stay healthy throughout the year if they want to make it to the World Series. Last year saw the Bronx Bombers failing to make the postseason. They finished with an awful 82-80 record. It was one of the worst seasons in the history of their franchise and definitely their worst in the last 30 years.

Moreover, the captain was absent for 35 or more games in a row. He had sustained a toe injury after a freak accident at the Los Angeles Dodgers fence. Later, it turned out to be a severely torn ligament in his toe. Prior to the Spring Training this year, Aaron Judge mentioned that he would have to take constant maintenance of his toe injury for the rest of his playing days. Later, in the spring training games, the NY side’s captain missed a few games with an abs injury. Clearly, he is not 100% healthy. But his game-winning hit against the Toronto Blue Jays was a sight to savor for the fans. 


After Winning Game 3 Against The Blue Jays, Aaron Judge Looks To Turn Things Around

Aaron Judge Yankees
Aaron Judge Yankees Source: CNN

The American League Most Valued Player in 2022 seemed to slowly get back to his groove after he had a game-winning hit against the Toronto Blue Jays at Rogers Center. Previously, though, the team started the 2024 season really well. The Yankees met the Blue Jays for the second series this year that they lost. However, in the first series in 2024 against the Toronto side, the NY side had won comfortably. Even when the Bronx Bombers had been winning, the fans were curious to see when Aaron Judge would hit a home run. It took him seven games this season to hit his first homer. But the Yankees Faithful wanted a real game-winning moment from the captain. That’s exactly what happened against the Blue Jays.

On Wednesday, Aaron Judge helped the Yankees end their three-game losing streak. He hit a two-run single when the scores were level. In the end, the Yankees won 6-4, thanks to their captain’s heroics. According to Reuters, after the game, Aaron Judge mentioned the key is to put the ball in play in such situations. It was important for him to create something. Aaron Judge added that guys around him were having great at-bats that were leading up to that moment. Moreover, the 2022 AL MVP said that when one steps in, it is vital to have some fun and take a good swing, “If you can.” 

Yankees Will Hope Their Captain Gets Even Better In The Following Series

Boone is in his sixth season as Yankees manager. Robert Sabo for NY Post

After a three-game losing streak, it was quite noticeable that Aaron Judge was not in his finest form. But then, on Wednesday, the Yankees captain delivered his best hit of the 2024 season when the ball went down the third baseline. Now, the fans and the team as a whole would wonder if this game-winning hit can spark a major hot streak for the AL 2022 MVP that starts with the next series against the Tampa Bay Rays on Friday, at home.

The Yankees are 13-6. So far, Aaron Judge has been hitting .183 with three home runs. The Tampa Bay Rays are aware of the strong Yankees side this season. The Rays manager, Kevin Cash, mentioned undoubtedly that the NY side is playing good baseball. Moreover, Cash is looking for excitement after “Getting in that atmosphere.” 

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