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Lewis Hamilton and George Russell both agree on Mike Elliott’s Mercedes departure (Image: Getty)

Sir Lewis Hamilton has had a lot of ups and downs over the last three years. It has been a tragic downfall for the great English racer as he was the reigning champion in 2021. But coming back to 2024, he has been winless since 2022. Already, four races are over in the ongoing season, and the seven-time champion had the worst start to a season. He could not even manage to finish above P6 in the first four races of the 2024 season. Moreover, he talked about how the car is getting worse. That has been the real problem for Mercedes since the ground effect regulations came into play.

The Silver Arrows have not been able to understand the car’s design capabilities. Moreover, in 2024, the correlation problem between simulation results and on-track performances has become a real issue the team is dealing with. But they have not yet figured out a solution. Meanwhile, the F1 teams just had their first sprint race of 2024 in China. Surprisingly enough for Hamilton fans, the seven-time champion finished at P2 in the Chinese GP Sprint. Even Hamilton’s former teammate seemed pleased with Lewis Hamilton’s performance in the Chinese GP sprint.


Nico Rosberg Amazed By Lewis Hamilton’s P2 Finish In The First Sprint Race Of 2024

Lewis Hamilton Nico Rosberg Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Nico Rosberg Mercedes Source: Sky Sports

During Sky’s F1 Coverage, Nico Rosberg mentioned that it was noticeable to everybody that Lewis Hamilton was razor-sharp. Moreover, the 2016 F1 World Champion thinks his former teammate was driving as good as ever. Adding to that, Rosberg said Hamilton drove phenomenally well. In fact, Hamilton’s former teammate mentioned that the Briton was doing more than what the car was allowing him to do, which was to stay in front for so long. Hence, to bring home a P2 finish was indeed a super drive for the seven-time champion, feels the 2016 champion. Moreover, Rosberg added that Lewis at his best is great news for Mercedes. 

During the race, when Max Verstappen eventually overtook Lewis Hamilton, Rosberg commented, “He (Hamilton) should have been more aggressive.” But in the post-sprint race talks, Rosberg backtracked on his comments, saying there was no chance for Hamilton to win the race. Hence, it only made sense that Max Verstappen went through. But it is also true that everybody wants to see the 2021 rivals really have another “Fierce” battle. That’s why Rosberg thought that Lewis should have tried a little bit more. Moreover, Rosberg said that the first sprint race of the season was really cool. 

Rosberg Feels Everybody Behind Lewis And Max Was On A Similar Level

Max Verstappen Lewis Hamilton
Max Verstappen Lewis Hamilton Source : Franceinfo

Nico Rosberg said during Sky’s F1 coverage that the sprint race in Shanghai was awesome. The 2016 champion pointed out that the other racers behind Hamilton and Verstappen were on the same level. But Rosberg believes the race was really cool, as a lot was going on.

However, Rosberg pointed out one problem: Max Verstappen’s pace. Nico mentioned that whenever the Dutch racer gets clean air, he gets insanely quick with the Red Bull car. Moreover, Rosberg mentioned, “That’s when Max looks from another planet. It is the difficulty.”

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