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The New York Yankees have allowed captain Aaron Judge a seat at the leadership table after last year’s debacle. Hal Steinbrenner confirmed that Judge is the center of the organization. Moreover, including him in the front-office matters is important as they need some sort of player representation on the table.

Aaron Judge’s job was to advise leadership on free agency candidates and also convey concerns of existing players. However, it seems that Judge was indeed calling the shots from the office this off-season. In the latest revelation by the Yankees’ newest recruit, Aaron has been the one chipping in his recommendation for years now, which eventually led to an actual deal this year.


Alex Verdugo Claims Aaron Judge Recommended Him To Yankees!

Alex Verdugo

In a major off-season move, the New York Yankees traded left-handed slugger Alex Verdugo from the Boston Red Sox in exchange for three pitchers. Verdugo had gotten on the wrong foot with Red Sox manager Alex Cora, which led to a bad year in 2023. Regardless, the Bronx Bombers saw some potential and chose to trade Verdugo. And apparently, captain Aaron Judge seemed to have played a major role in Alex’s acquisition. In his latest press conference, Verdugo said that first baseman Anthony Rizzo dropped direct hints to him last year. He said that the Yanks were trying to get him. However, the left-handed hitter refused to buy Rizzo’s words until he got a call this off-season.

As soon as I came over here, Rizz was like, ‘I told you so!'” said Verdugo. Not only that, Alex Verdugo added that Aaron Judge had been pushing the Yankees to trade him for over two years now. “It’s cool to know that some guys have been pushing for me to come over here. They like the way I play and the kind of flair that I bring,” said Verdugo. Even Judge admitted that he did try to influence front office decisions. Apparently, Judge was impressed with Verdugo’s competitiveness and his ability to hit the ball hard. Additionally, another thing that left the captain in awe was Alex’s resilience to play through injuries. All these attributes were enough to convince the captain that Alex Verdugo would be a good fit in the Bronx. Hopefully, Verdugo can solve the left field and offensive issues with the Yanks this year.

Captain Judge Returns To Business As Usual In Spring Training!

Aaron Judge

With a healed toe and fresh energy, New York Yankees captain Aaron Judge turned up for spring training last week. He took part in multiple live BP sessions. But in the latest one, Judge showcased his magic to slam a home run left off Duane Underwood Jr.

Aaron Judge’s home run received loud applause from the crowd that turned up to see the captain play or train per se. Indeed, the Yankees captain has found his mojo back ahead of a crucial season. Pressure is looming more than anyone on Aaron Judge as he is the leader in the locker room. If things go south, all hell will break loose on Judge.

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