Juan Soto

Juan Soto, acquired via a seven-player trade swap earlier this off-season, has been a linchpin of New York Yankees 2024 season success. In 36 games, he’s hitting .316 with 8 home runs and 28 RBIs. Not only that, Soto’s ability to deliver in clutch moments is what made him the most impactful player in pinstripes.

However, once the initial euphoria settles, the New York Yankees will be faced with the hard truth that Juan Soto could potentially leave by the end of the year. Meanwhile, Soto, who’s an impending free agent, has yet to decide whether he wants to extend his stay in the Bronx, as he needs more time to make an informed decision.


Juan Soto Sceptical Of His Future With Yankees Beyond 2024 Season!

Juan Soto, Yankees
Juan Soto reacts after striking out during the eighth inning of the Yankees game against the Blue Jays during their home opener Friday.DUSTIN SATLOFF/GETTY

The future of Juan Soto, one of baseball’s most exciting young talents, is currently shrouded in uncertainty as the New York Yankees outfielder mulls over the possibility of a contract extension with the team. Soto, the impeding free agent, will be the hottest pick on the market next year, as his market value has already soared to $500 million. Moreover, Soto’s present form with the Bronx Bombers will only add more value to his overall generational image. However, despite the high contract value, the Yanks haven’t given up on seeking an extension just yet. Before Soto sets foot outside the Bronx, the Yankee front office is expected to put their best foot forward.

However, Juan Soto, for now, seems undecided on how he wants to move about ahead of impeding free agency. When asked about his thoughts on staying in the Bronx, Soto said it’s too early to comment on anything. He insisted that he could not make an informed decision on his future with just 1 month of sample size. While the generational talent is enjoying his time in New York, he insisted that he wants to experience one full season before giving any thought to an extension offer. “Right now, I’m still learning the team,” said Soto. Having said that, Soto still had positive things to say about his tenure with the Yanks thus far. He explained how his teammates are comfortable playing for each other, and the overall camaraderie has been great. “It’s a great group of guys. I’ve really enjoyed it,” added Soto.

Aaron Judge Calls Soto A Big Game Ballplayer For Recent Heroics Vs Tigers!

Juan Soto, Yankees
Credit: Yankees twitter

Juan Soto’s base-clearing double against the Detroit Tigers on Sunday helped the New York Yankees secure a series sweep at home. Captain Aaron Judge was overjoyed by Soto’s continued heroics this season. Judge referred to the 25-year-old as a proper gamer who treats every game equally.

Aaron Judge elaborated further that Juan Soto loves the spotlight, and it’s fun to see him dominate in pinstripes this season. “He (Soto) comes up, guns a guy, hits him big. For us, it’s impressive to see and fun to watch,” said Judge. With Soto’s heroics, the Yanks secured its first home series sweep of the season.

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