Boston Celtics The Best Team Of The 2022-2023 NBA Season? Stats Speaking For The Squad

The 2022 NBA season has been comparatively a closely contested one. Therefore, no one team is looking like the favorites for the title, none except for the Boston Celtics. Thanks to Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum\’s performance, the Celtics have been looking like the strongest team in the league. With 21 wins out of 26 games played, the Boston based named is resting at the top of the points table. Recently, the NBA legend Magic Johnson has also affirmed the fact that the Celtics are currently the best team.

Magic Johnson Thinks Boston Celtics Are The Best Team This Season!

Following their second-largest victory of the season, a 125-98 thrashing of the Phoenix Suns, the Boston Celtics extended their unstoppable streak in 2022–23. With the best record in the NBA, the Celtics are currently 21-5 for the year. The C\’s have 11 victories by at least 10 points, with an average point difference of 8.8. In contests decided by ten points or more, they have the highest victory percentage of 84.6%.

Boston Celtics

Grant Williams and Blake Griffin each contributed 14 and nine points to the winning effort, which also featured 25 points from Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. Off the bench, Malcolm Brogdon contributed with 16 points and five aces. Josh Okogie was the only Suns player to score 20 points or more during a 12-man rotation that night. 

Recently, the NBA great Magic Johnson praised the Boston Celtics. According to Johnson, The Boston Celtics are currently playing like the best team in the league. In a Tweet, Magic wrote, \”The Boston Celtics are undeniably the best team in the NBA!! They had a 45-point lead in the 3rd quarter tonight against the Suns, and the Suns have the best record in the West.\”

Mikal Bridges, Chris Paul, and Devin Booker shot a combined 10-for-35, making just one three-pointer on 13 tries. Chris Paul, who had been sidelined for a month due to a heel ailment, also cameback during the game. 

The Phoenix Suns dropped to 16-9 after suffering their ninth defeat of the year. The New Orleans Pelicans are currently in first place in the Western Conference. Unbeknownst to the general public, Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics and Magic Johnson engaged in one of the most epic athletic rivalries ever during Magic Johnson\’s whole career. Magic-Bird rivalry transformed basketball and provided the NBA with much-needed financial respite at the time.

The Boston Celtics have been the NBA\’s biggest surprise since January 2022. The culmination of their record-breaking 28-7 run, which began in January and lasted until the end of the regular season in 2021–2022, was made even more remarkable by their invitation to the NBA Finals, they\’re first in more than ten years. The team is on track to replicate their record from the previous campaign, though. With a 21-5 run, they\’ve achieved a win rate that is just slightly higher than their 80% win rate during their late-season surge in 2021–2022.

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