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Boss Toto Wolff Makes Another “Big Revealation” Regarding Upcoming Mercedes Updates!

Since two of the initial races of the 2023 F1 season remained a disappointment for Mercedes, the team is into making changes in the W14. Speaking of the recent development in the progress of the W14’s new concept, the team’s boss Toto Wolff revealed that they had constructed significant steps in their car, and the upcoming Grand Prix will definitely be full of pace.

However, these steps by Mercedes in terms of launching upgrades certainly do not put them on the title contenders’ list. Also, now there is not only Red Bull and Ferrari but Aston Martin too. And the gap between Red Bull, Aston Martin, and Mercedes is huge. Unfortunately, the German squad still has no idea how to fill it. Except for one: changing the concept of the car.

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Toto Wolff Mercedes Boss

In the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was apparently seen struggling. He started the race from P7 and ended up at P5. On the other hand, George Russell, who claimed a P3 at qualifying, was moved to fourth [after Fernando Alonso was honored with the third podium trophy again].

The Big Steps Mercedes Taking Towards The Aero Parts Making Great Progress

Meanwhile, speaking of what the Brackley team is doing to prevent these kinds of dreadful situations for Mercedes, Wolff opened up to the media in Jeddah last weekend. He also announced that “We are making really big steps.” These steps are being taken in the R&D and the wind tunnels. Wolff has re-focused on the claims about the changes to be big because it is REALLY BIG. He even explained that the team had little understanding of these upgrades.

But after the Bahrain Grand Prix, they understood that it was the wrong path they had chosen. And the good news coming from the dark time is that now Mercedes have that idea. And “that is why the team would never right off anything,” said Wolff.

Mercedes W14
Mercedes W14 On Track

It is really sad that Mercedes, a team with eight constructor’s championships, today is afraid to claim that they can win the championship. Nevertheless, being realistic does not allow the team’s principal to even talk about the world championship. Winning a few races is all that they are aiming for. Toto Wolff has already suggested that if you think Mercedes W14 is equal to other top teams, then you are nothing but a fool.

Expect Good From The Silver Arrows In Near Future

It is motor racing, and here, you are advised to always expect the unexpected. One example is the sudden rise of Astons. So, the German Manufacturer also should never give up, said the boss. He believes that if the team continues to make big steps that they have “already done in the last ten days,” then Mercedes will be able to come forward to claim wins at the weekends.

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The Austrian CEO has explained that after the steps they have been taking for a few days, gains are coming from the R&D and the aerodynamics part. And these are much bigger than Mercedes has had over a long time. Now, to keep the hopes alive, fans must know that some of the potentials of the 14 are being unlocked. And now Mercedes has got a view from different angles.