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The Formula One world is once again accumulating the world’s attention, not because of something that happened on the racing track, but because of a MUG! A coffee mug with ‘No Michael No’ written on it. The F1 Exhibition held in Madrid breakdown social media recently as fans found it inappropriate for the official inauguration to put a mug that signifies the desperation of a team.

In 2021, Formula One held the most controversial race ever. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, where Max Verstappen claimed his first F1 world championship title and Lewis Hamilton missed his eighth one, remained a matter of discussion till today and perhaps will be forever. The race gave a lot of good memories for the orange fandom but a lot of wounds, too, to the Silver Arrows. The dramatic climax of the race occurred when the F1 race director Michael Masi allowed a last-lap showdown for the two rivals, which decided the world championship. Masi was pressurized by the Red Bull boss, Christian Horner. And then, he took a decision based on a rule which never was mentioned in the rulebook nor was ever taken into action before.

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Memes On Toto Wolff’s Comment On Michael Masi’s Unfair Decision In the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

What Is ‘No Michael No’? How Is It Related To Toto Wolff?

Lewis Hamilton was winning the 2021 Formula One World Championship. He was just about to break Michael Schumacher’s world record for most championships. But right then, Steward Michael Masi allowed the lapped cars to overtake Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes W12. Max got a chance to overtake his rival as he was on new tires. Wolff knew it was wrong; he could do nothing but say, “NO, Michael, NO, that was not so right!” in desperation.
Later, Masi was removed from his job. He was fired from the role following the wrong decision he made.

However, the above statement of Toto Wolff is now being used to attain customers by F1. Is this right to do so? Michael Masi’s decision was nothing but irresponsible. Then why is F1 using it as pride? Fans remain curious. Half of the Formula One fan still believes that Lewis Hamilton is an eight-time world champion. The tongue slips, or it is intentional, but people often call Hamilton the 8 title owner, one of them is none other than his Ferrari counterpart, Charles Leclerc. This remained a very critical matter for Formula One. In last season, when Ted Kravitz, a sky sports reporter, remarked that Verstappen had stolen Hamilton’s eighth title in 2021, the entire Red Bull team boycotted the Sky Media.

F1 2021 championship
Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, 2021 F1 world championship

Why Is F1 Promoting Their Irresponsible Act? Fans Outraged

Given all of these, one thing is clear, commenting on anything that relates to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is a critical matter. But then we get to see a mug in an F1 exhibition in which that same statement of Wolff is printed, “No Michael No.” F1 fans, whether they like Hamilton or not, they like Mercedes or not, speak against the featuring. On Twitter, thousands of fans gathered to claim it improperly. One of the fans commented, “Formula One should develop shame. How are you proudly selling stuff advertising your rigged sport?”