Big Blow To The Lakers: LeBron James Likely To Be Out For The Rest Of The Season Due To Tendon Injury

LeBron James

LeBron James has been an essential part of the Lakers ever since he joined the franchise. He helped the team win the National Basketball Association championship during the pandemic in 2020. After coming to the Lakers, LeBron James won his 4th championship, but since then faced a lot of trouble with injuries.

These injuries, later on, ruined the natural proceedings as the Lakers found it really hard to qualify for the postseasons. Like last year, the Los Angeles franchise could not be eligible for the postseason after LeBron James missed several games. Anthony Davis tried to carry the team as a lone wolf, but it was of no help.

LeBron James May Miss The Rest Of The Season

LeBron James
LeBron James Lakers

The problem with the Lakers is that they are not able to get a positive start to the last few seasons, which is making it hard for them in the latter half. The repetition of the same this ongoing season left the LeBron James-led side lingering at the bottom of the table. But after overcoming all the obstacles of injuries and the right balance, the team looks worthy of making the playoffs this season.

The primary concern for the Lakers is the tendon foot injury of LeBron James. Even if the Lakers make the playoffs, they will need their leading man to help them to clinch the title. However, as per the current situation, it seems LeBron James may miss the whole season after all. The King is 38, and if he wants to carry on with his professional career till 40, he would have to sacrifice a few games and, in this case, perhaps the rest of the season.

Why The Lakers Should Prepare Themselves For A King James Sans Postseason?

LeBron James was in a terrific touch as he was performing exceedingly well every game. It was until the injury in the game against the Mavericks. After he is gone, the Lakers have managed to pull things back with Anthony Davis. AD is taking charge to get them over the line. But the doctors say that King James will be evaluated after a couple of weeks. And there will be a discussion with the management. James will discuss with the doctors and the coach about how soon he can return to the lineup. Dr. Marco, the ex-head athletic trainer of the Lakers, spoke to Landon Buford about what he feels the management would do.

Marco feels the Lakers will wait till the regular season to get over. They would like to know if the team will get into the play-in tournament or directly to the playoffs. Albeit they make the playoffs, the Lakers might not want to risk the legs of LeBron James. If the franchise reaches the final, the playoffs will be a very challenging task for Darvin Ham’s side. Without James and D’Angelo Russell

, the team was in massive trouble. If it was not for the commander-in-chief of King James, Anthony Davis, and his determination to get the Lakers home. The Lakers (32-34) are currently the 9th seed in the Western Conference.