BCCI Treasured Debunked The Rumors Of Rohit Sharma Becoming A Captain After T20 World Cup

On Tuesday morning, a report came out that Rohit Sharma will become a new captain after the completion of the upcoming T20 World Cup. This rumor spread like fire all over the internet, and the fans of Rohit Sharma even began to celebrate. They also posted several congratulatory tweets for Rohit. However, it was only a rumor, and a BCCI Treasurer, Arun Dhumal himself confirmed that BCCI didn\’t even discuss anything on this topic.

The news was that BCCI is planning to split captaincy between Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli. It suggested that after the T20 World Cup, Rohit Sharma would become a new white-ball skipper. Whereas Virat Kohli will continue to lead the team in a red ball format. According to them, Virat Kohli himself is making this decision. He will step down as a captain in order to concentrate on his batting. He wants to bring back his lost form and become what he\’s always been.

The report also published that Virat and Rohit are on the same page regarding this decision. According to them, at present, the two alpha males of international cricket are closer than ever. Kohli is one of the most successful captains of India. His win record is incredible, and now he only needs to win some ICC trophies to cement his place as the most successful of India. Also, he is said to be the only batsman who can break Sachin Tendulkar\’s record of most international runs and centuries. However, it has almost been two years since he last hit a century. The last century from Kohli\’s bat came back in November 2019.


Why Rohit Sharma Can Replace Virat Kohli?

On the other hand, Rohit Sharma is w itnessing his dream run. He is scoring runs across all three formats of the games. Rohit Sharma recently made a century in the fourth test match against England and helped India in taking the lead by 2-1. Not only this, but Rohit Sharma has won two back-to-back IPL trophies as captain for Mumbai Indians. He is the most successful captain in the history of IPL and has won a total of five trophies, the most by any player in the tournament.

So, when this rumor began to take rounds on the internet, everyone believed it in no time. It happened because Rohit Sharma certainly has the potential to replace Virat Kohli as a skipper in the white-ball format. It might happen in the near future, but as of now, there are no plans of Virat Kohli stepping down as captain. BCCI Treasurer Arun Dhumal himself put an end to these rumors by saying all of these are rubbish and nothing such as happening.

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