Austin Reaves D'Angelo Russell Lakers
Austin Reaves D’Angelo Russell Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are set to claim their ticket to the playoffs with only four games remaining in the league. A team that started with a bottom position on the table is now edging toward the playoff spot. It has really been a massive turn of events for the purple and gold this season. From reaching out to the market crying about their lack of players to fill the necessary roles, they now give the top teams the run for their money.

The tables in the Western Conference are set in such a way that anything could happen at the last moment. Apparently, the teams are so tight because they are only one or two wins away from each other in the top six spots. This means that if anyone makes a slip, they could lose their playoff spot in an instant. Moreover, the Lakers are placed such that their closest opponent is losing, and they are on a winning spree. Evidently, their win last night against the Houston Rockets has brought them closer than ever to the playoff spot.

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As the league nears the end, it seems that everything is falling into place for the Los Angeles side. All the pieces of the puzzle have magically rearranged themselves. However, it was less magic and more of LeBron and Davis’ hard work to keep the team going. The team is in such a great position that it is virtually impossible for them to miss the playoffs. However, there is always a chance of mishaps, and it will take a huge one for LA to fall out.

Lakers Have Become An Invincible Force With Davis

No one in the NBA doubts the Brow’s ability to blow everyone out of proportion in the league. Every time he is healthy, he displays a spell that amazes the entire basketball community. The last three games were the same spell where he consecutively scored 38 points to lead his team to victory. AD’s high-scoring performance has created a fear of LA among the other teams. And looking at the way the Lakers are performing, Austin Reaves believes they will be the ones to create a ruckus in the playoffs.

When you see the way Anthony is performing, you will also count on what Reaves believes. The 29-year-old phenomenon scored 27 points with 11-16 shooting in the first half. This flow makes everyone question how far Davis is willing to go to take his team to the finals. Reaves said, “He’s been phenomenal, and you know, if he continues to do this, we’ll be a problem.

Austin Reaves (Los Angeles Lakers) : Source credit NBA

Moreover, Austin also had a good outing, as he scored 18 points and nine assists in the starting role on the team. If the players around Davis could keep supporting him, he can take the team to heights they missed in the last two years.