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United States players, including Austin Reaves, gather on the court after their loss to Germany in a Basketball World Cup semi final game in Manila, Philippines, Friday, Sept. 8, 2023. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

Austin Reaves has been the most impressive name in the American side in the last FIBA World Cup. Moreover, Reaves became a fan favorite of the Los Angeles Lakers as well as Team USA in the same year. Albeit, the Oklahoma Sooners kid could not help either of the sides win any tournaments yet. On the other hand, former Lakers teammate Dennis Schroder led the German side to their maiden World Cup victory. Schroder was also the MVP of the whole tournament.

But the American side had to finish in fourth place. Hence, the fans might want some reinforcements on the side that can help them next year. Moreover, the national team is gearing up for the Olympics next year. After showing a lot of promise, Reaves could not help the national side win the tournament. Will he return to the Team USA squad for the Paris Olympics in 2024?


Can Fans Expect To See Austin Reaves Represent Team USA In Paris Olympics?

Austin Reaves Team USA Vs Puerto Rico
Austin Reaves Team USA Vs Puerto Rico Source: Yahoo Sports

Experts believe quite a few Lakers players can be part of the American squad for the Olympics. Moreover, Team USA will look for players like Reaves and LeBron James who can define a role perfectly in the team. King James can play in the next Olympics and will hope to build a team around the best players in the league. With James leading the lineup, Team USA will look powerful and can also win the desired gold. But the squad will need a perfect role player like Reaves alongside LeBron James. According to The Athletic’s Joe Vardon, the team management must look for players who can complement everything and players of all skills.

Moreover, these players must believe they can play better than expected for Team USA. Austin Reaves had such a time in the FIBA World Cup. According to The Athletic, Austin Reaves mentioned he believes he played at a high level in the World Cup. However, he knows that he needs to work on certain things in his game. But Reaves believes he can hit the ground running, especially for the first year. Since he was the top player of the Team USA in the World Cup, he should get a chance in the Olympic team.

What Made AR A Fan Favorite?

Austin Reaves- Lakers
Austin Reaves Lakers Source: Lakers Nation

However, fans have noticed his hard work and dedication towards the game. Mostly, it was the consistency of the Arkansas native that caught people’s eyes. But the Lakers front office believes that Reaves can be a valuable asset for the LA side in the future, especially in the post-LeBron James and Anthony Davis era.

These stars of the LA side have not been at the best of their health. Hence, the Lakers Nation will rely on Austin Reaves to carry the team forward. But what about Team USA? The Oklahoma Sooners kid proved that he can lead the national side, too, in the World Cup. Albeit, it was his first World Cup appearance, and it didn’t quite end as he would have liked. Team USA could not win a single medal.