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Austin Reaves Ranks Anthony Davis As The Most Skilled Defender! Feels He Is Underappreciated With The Lakers

Anthony Davis, a seven-time NBA All-Star and one of the most dominant big men in the league, is renowned for his offensive capabilities. However, for the past few seasons, he has upped his game from the other end of the court. AD has developed a rare ability to dominate from both ends of the court effortlessly.

Last NBA season, Anthony Davis made a startling comeback after injury to carry the Lakers to the conference finals. More than offense, Davis spent most of his time at the other end of the court as a rim protector. Despite his impressive blocks and steals, AD missed out on the All-Star defenders team. Meanwhile, his Lakers teammate, Austin Reaves, emphasized the importance of having Davis, as a defender, in the lineup.


Austin Reaves Feels Anthony Davis’ Elite Defensive Skills Often Goes Unnoticed

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Los Angeles Lakers find of the 2022-23 NBA season, Austin Reaves, recently appeared on the All The Smoke podcast with former NBA veterans Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. He talked in length about Anthony Davis and spoke highly of him. As per the point guard, Davis is a good person to have on the team defensively. Reaves feels that AD possesses elite defensive skills, which are not often appreciated enough. He added that the 30-year-old makes the guard’s life a lot easier. Having Davis as a rim protector, guards like Reaves can be more physical, aggressive and can shoot passing lanes. Not only that, Austin ranked AD just second to LeBron James as the most skilled player on the Lakers roster.

Austin Reaves is in awe of Anthony Davis’ demeanor on the court. The way he uses his height to move around efficiently and the way he handles and shoots the ball is just exceptional to watch for a rookie like Reaves. The guard signed off, saying, in his view, there isn’t a thing in basketball that the big man, Anthony Davis, cannot do. Undoubtedly, Davis has elevated his stature as a complete basketball player. When healthy, he is the most active man running around both ends of the court. The Lakers, who missed this season’s finals by a whisker, will bank on AD to earn them another ring in the upcoming season. The front office has also built a roster around Davis, keeping him at the center stage. Clearly, they see him leading the team in the future.

ESPN Analyst Claims AD Could Sign Extension Contract With Lakers Soon!

Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis still has a couple of seasons left on his current five-year $190 million contract, which includes an option for early termination prior to the fifth season. Moreover, earlier reports emerged that the Lakers are having second thoughts about keeping AD around for long because of his health issues. However, as per ESPN analyst Dave McMenamin, a deal could be coming through sooner than expected.

McMenamin claimed that Lakers GM Rob Pelinka sees Anthony Davis as a true asset. He is extremely impressed with the way AD played through a foot injury to keep the Lakers afloat in the playoffs. Hence, he wants the center to continue with the team while neglecting the health issue. The analyst signed off, saying he expected Davis to have an extension contract in hand before he turns up for a training camp.