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Lewis Hamilton Admits Not Being Involved In Contract Negotiations With Mercedes, Hints At Delay In Announcement!

At 38, Lewis Hamilton is the second oldest driver on the Formula One grid, alongside Fernando Alonso. However, age is just a number of the seven-time world champion. His hunger and passion for racing are yet to take a backseat in his life. Meanwhile, the highly successful British driver’s existing contract with Mercedes is coming to and at the conclusion of the 2023 F1 season.

For the past 18 months, Lewis Hamilton has struggled to secure a win, courtesy of Mercedes’ foolish decision to drastically change the concept of the car. The machinery lacks pace, and Hamilton, especially, feels disconnected from his W14. Despite the struggles, the Briton has expressed his desire to continue with the Brackley-based team. However, the delay in the contract extension announcement is raising many eyebrows.


Lewis Hamilton Consciously Staying Away From Contract Extension Negotiations With Mercedes!


Earlier, Sir Lewis Hamilton said he saw himself with Mercedes for the next five years. His current contract is expiring this year, and extension talks are reportedly underway. The British driver has no immediate plans for retirement. He wants to race and win an eight-drivers championship. However, the delay in the contract extension announcement has got the fans confused. The rumor market is filled with all sorts of speculations. Some suggest that Hamilton might have asked for a high salary, while some believe Mercedes is having second thoughts. Meanwhile, at the Hungarian Grand Prix, the man himself provided an update and made a startling revelation.

Lewis Hamilton said that Mercedes and his team have almost reached to consensus, and the agreement is close. However, he teased the fans, saying he might deliberately delay the announcement. He might wait till the end of the year to make things official. Further, the British driver revealed that he had consciously decided to keep himself out of the negotiations process. His team of lawyers and manager is taking care of everything, and they are striking the deal on his behalf. Hamilton apparently wants to give him time off for other things in life. As racing already takes away a lot of energy from him. Also, Lewis affirmed that no negotiation is left to discuss apart from small legalities. Overall, in a perfect world, an official announcement should come in during or after the upcoming Summer Break.

Hamilton Admits To Giving Retirement A Serious Thought!

Lewis Hamilton
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Lewis Hamilton, 38, is, after all, a human. The world of Formula One is demanding. It takes a lot of personal sacrifices to remain at the top of the game. Hamilton, who has attained exceptional success on the track in the past decade, is feeling a little disconnected. Especially since Mercedes witnessed a downfall. In a recent podcast, the Briton admitted to thinking about retirement. He said due to excessive traveling, he is facing difficulty in striking a balance between his personal and family time.

However, Lewis Hamilton said all those doubts vanished when he entered the paddock and locked himself in the car seat. The British driver believes his love for racing outweighs all the second thoughts. He feels really alive while racing. Hence, for the next five years or so, he doesn’t see himself going anywhere. Having said that, Hamilton did add that his plans could change owing to constantly evolving circumstances.