Anthony Rizzo
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New York Yankees first baseman Anthony Rizzo landed in IL a couple of weeks ago due to post-concussion syndrome. The injury that apparently led to concussion dates back to May 28 when Rizzo collided with Padres hitter Francis Tatis Jr. He cleared all the necessary tests at the time of the injury but began to develop symptoms much later.

In the following weeks after the collision, Anthony Rizzo developed episodes of fogginess and memory loss. On many days, Rizzo felt hungover and noticed a loss in reaction time on the plate. The increased number of strikeouts rang an alarm bell as the baseman urged for some additional tests, which stated the obvious. However, despite all setbacks, Rizzo is not yet ruling out an imminent return this season.


Anthony Rizzo Resumes Batting As Concussion Symptoms Subside

Anthony Rizzo of the Yankees speaks to the media before a game against the Astros at Yankee Stadium on Thursday. Credit: Jim McIsaac

Fifteen days into the IL and New York Yankees baseman Anthony Rizzo has already developed encouraging signs of faster healing. After being diagnosed with “post-concussion syndrome,” Rizzo met with doctors on a weekly basis and was put on supplements. Meanwhile, ahead of the series opener vs. Red Sox, Rizzo took some batting practice in an indoor batting cage. After the session, he talked to the reporters and shared crucial health updates. He reckoned that the symptoms have subsided significantly as he is not experiencing fogginess at all. Moreover, the infielder’s reaction time on the plate has improved as well. Rizzo believes that the recovery has been encouraging, and all signs point towards a quicker and sharper healing.

Further speaking on a probable return, Anthony Rizzo said that he expects to return in the next few weeks. But having said that, the team of doctors is still treating the concussion on a day-to-day basis. It’s more about taking one day at a time. While the doctors are the actual decision-makers, Rizzo, as a baseball player, refuses to shut down. He says that he has only a few years left of baseball. So why waste it? Even if there is a tiny window for his probable return this season, he wants to bet on it. As shutting down at this stage is certainly not an option for the Yankees veteran. While not being able to play clearly sucks, Anthony Rizzo is focused on getting back on the field as soon as possible.

Yankees Veteran Hit His Worst Career Slump Before Being Diagnosed With Concussion

Anthony Rizzo
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New York Yankees were caught at crossroads as they failed to pick up Anthony Rizzo’s concussion for two long months. Moreover, the fans were baffled to see how they ignored the signs when Rizzo struggled on the plate. Right after the collision with Tatis Jr., Rizzo experienced the worst offensive slumps of his storied decade-long career.

After May 28, Anthony Rizzo hit .176 with one home run, nine RBIs, and .496 OPS in 46 games through August 1. His demeanor on the field clearly suggested that something had been bothering the baseman. But the Yankees surprisingly failed to pick up signs. It was only after the veteran’s complaint that the club scheduled tests which ruled the obvious.