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Anthony Davis has been one of the big names of the LA Lakers, along with LeBron James, for a long time. It is not like the 8-time All-Star never had a bit of luck with the Lakers having a good season. In fact, the power forward’s first season for the Lakers, the combined forces of Anthony Davis and LeBron James, turned out to be gold. The King and AD helped the Lakers to win the 2020 championship.

However, as perfect as the beginning has been for the 29-year-old wearing the Lakers jersey, it did not reflect what was to follow. The next season King James could play the whole tournament due to injury, and Anthony Davis carried the team throughout the year. Albeit, it did not help the Lakers go too far to the knockout stages. On the other hand, in the current season, it was King James who carried the team on his shoulder in the absence of AD. But again, it did not change the luck of the Lakers.


Why Was It Important To Shuffle The Lakers’ Roster?

LeBron James Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis

The squad is currently lingering at the bottom half of the table. It looks very tough for the Lakers to make a comeback, as they are losing valuable time. Anthony Davis has said to the media several times that the team needs to get on a winning streak. Only then can they turn things around.

In hindsight, it was visible to the fans and everybody that there was something wrong with the roster. Hence it became apparent that General Manager Rob Pelinka and the entire Front Office would have to take some tough calls. After requests from fans kept coming in, the team decided to trade Russell Westbrook. As he was not fitting in the roster anymore. The franchise was on the hunt for young blood, and they got some, like the Japanese Rui Hachimura.

What Does Anthony Davis Think Of The Current Roster?

Meanwhile, the front office had a tough time before the Thursday trade deadline. Since they had to make some crucial changes in their roster. But after the long-awaited trading of Westbrook, some promising talents were added to the roster. Anthony Davis is pretty happy with the new entries. But he is worried that they will need time to adjust themselves to the new franchise. However, the team does not have any time to lose. As they need to start the streak as soon as possible. So that they get themselves out of the muddle they are in at present. No time to lose is what Anthony Davis has been trying to stress on the new additions.

Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis

The 29-year-old superstar still hopes the Lakers can qualify for the play-in round. According to AD, the door to enter the top ten spots of the Western Conference table is still open. “We can still make the top ten” is what the power forward from the South Side, Chicago, believes in. All the Lakers need is for the new entries to fit quicker than usual. After the trade deadline was over, the Lakers managed to beat the Warriors with the latest entries. However, in the next game against the Trailblazers, the Lakers faced a humongous defeat. The Lakers are 26-32 sitting at the 13th seed of the Western Conference table currently.