Mercedes-AMG F1 W14 E Performance Launch
Mercedes-AMG F1 W14 E Performance Launch

Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff always tries to maintain a very balanced attitude. It does not matter if his team is enjoying sheer dominance on the Formula One grid or struggling to win a title. This cool, calm, and composed character help Toto Wolff control his emotions even during challenging situations (Kindly exclude the headphone incident).

Mercedes dominated the Formula One world for almost seven years in terms of driver’s and constructor’s titles. For the last two years, the Silver Arrows did not manage to win a driver’s championship and even lost their grip on the constructor’s title. The previous year was a very challenging time for the whole team. Mercedes won only a single race at the Brazilian Grand Prix throughout the season. However, still, some fans are unaware as to why the Silver Arrows performed so badly in the 2022 season.


What Was So Wrong With The W13 Car?

Mercedes W13 Car

The reason for this terrible display was the W13 car, according to the team. The W13 car was suffering from a tremendous level of bouncing and porpoising issues. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell both complained about the bouncing problem that caused back and neck pains. The issues with W13 cars cost the Brackley-based team a championship. A few more reasons can come out. But the fact of the matter remains Toto Wolff and the team had to work on the new car vigorously.

It was essential to let the drivers race at their full potential. Many problems came into sight with the W13 car. And the team has been working day and night out to get the best possible vehicle ready for the next season. Fans hope that there should be no more complaints about the new W14 car of Toto Wolff’s team coming from the two racers. Even in these tough couple of years, the boss seemed optimistic and did not let emotions get control of him. On February 15, 2023, the W14 was scheduled to be unveiled before the Mercedes team started their 2023 campaign.

Toto Wolff Shares His Reaction On W14 Car

Toto Wolff
Toto Wolff

Fans on social media have expressed their excitement to see the new color of the car’s livery. People who voted for Black livery must be over the moon currently, as the W14 cars come with the pitch black uniform. Looks like the engineers and support staff of the Silver Arrows have noted the media. And the new W14 cars are made with all the required changes. It is pretty visible that the problems with the side pod of the W13 car have been fixed. The Mercedes team also keeps fixating on the porpoising issue that won’t be there in the new car. As far as the boss is concerned, the car looks fast.

About the new car, Toto Wolff said, “The car looks fine and pretty swift. I just hope it is fast.” When asked how much chance he gives his team. Especially to retain the title after the new good looks of the black W14 car. Toto Wolff mentioned, “we always look for building the best cars for our drivers. So as to win as many championships as possible. But we cannot forget how strong the current champions are. Hence, we have a lot to catch up on.” Wolff emphasized the importance of determination and teamwork. The Mercedes boss stated that they would leave “no stone unturned” to get back their hegemony in Formula One Motorsport.