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Anthony Davis To Surpass These Five LEGENDS After Tonight’s Game Agains Phoenix Suns

Anthony Davis is the hope of the Los Angeles Lakers to reach the postseason in LeBron James’ absence. AD has been absent for several games since last December due to an injury. But he came back strong after missing twenty games. The Lakers wanted Anthony Davis and LeBron James together to steer the ship to the playoffs. At that time, they had a pretty good chance to do so. But the team wasted many easy opportunities. Like the game against the Rockets, everybody thought it was supposed to be a piece of cake for the purple and gold brigade.

But coach Darvin Ham took a big risk not letting Anthony Davis play, and the Lakers had to pay the price for it. On the other hand, the Lakers already have the all-time leading scorer on their team. Albeit, in LeBron’s absence, AD is not doing badly in scoring points per game. It is accurate, as he averages 25.8 points per game. If he is not injured, the Brow is a complete package. He is good at defense, and on top of that, he loves scoring. Due to this love, Anthony Davis is gradually moving up on the scoring list.


Anthony Davis Will Jump Five Ranks Higher On The Scoring List

In the next game against the Suns, AD has a chance to jump over five ranks in the all-time scoring list. Anthony Davis needs only 16 points to jump from 134th to 129th rank in the next home game. He is only 30 years old and has an excellent chance to finish his career by getting himself into the all-time top 50 scorers. The Lakers’ ace currently has 15,578 points, and just one basket will let him climb a rank higher over Rashard Lewis and Artis Gilmore, both had 15,579 points.

Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis Lakers

But if he scores 16 points or more, then he will go over Walt Frazier, Terry Porter, and Lou Williams. The Atlanta Hawks’ legendary point guard, Williams, has 15,593 points. Therefore, Anthony Davis has a great chance to go beyond him in the game against the Suns. But more than the score sheet, it is important for him to help the team win in any way he can. AD is the strength of the Laker’s defense and offense, and he will need to be on song against the 4th-placed Phoneix Suns. Clearly, the Lakers are in a delicate situation as they are the 11th seed with a 35-37 win-loss ratio.

Lakers Have Faith In AD Against The Mighty Suns

Now only ten games remain, and the LA franchise cannot afford to make any more mistakes. Tonight the squad meets the Phoenix Suns as a host. AD needs to be ready to make an impact, as he proved that it is essential for the Lakers that he performs well. Every Lakers fan is looking at him to get them home.

Anthony Davis Lakers
Anthony Davis Lakers Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Furthermore, LeBron James is also showing full faith in AD from the sidelines and is always there to cheer and support his team. There is no reason why anybody should have any doubt about AD’s abilities. Anthony Davis is an eight-time All-Star. Also, he helped the Lakers win their 17th NBA Championship with James in 2020.