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A lot of doubts and questions were cast on Anthony Davis before the start of the season. However, The Brow disproved anyone who ever had a doubt about his abilities through a streak of stellar performances. Davis has been the main reason behind the Lakers seemingly making a comeback in the season. However, the tag of \’Injury-prone\’ has always been associated with the player. Meanwhile, recently, Davis\’ agent. Rich Paul has criticized the media for creating the narrative.  

Rich Paul Bashes Media For Anthony Davis Injury Prone Narrative!

The founder and agent of Klutch Sports, Rich Paul is now writing a new memoir that will probably be called \”Lucky Me.\” Paul has recently started engaging with certain reporters to promote the book. LeBron James and Anthony Davis are two Lakers whose representation is provided by Paul.

Anthony Davis and Rich Paul

Meanwhile, Paul most recently defended Anthony Davis in an interview. The great player for the LA Lakers has a reputation for being prone to injuries, but Paul has indicated that much of this perception may be the result of well-crafted media coverage.

Anthony Davis is one of the Lakers\’ shining stars so far this year. After a shaky start to the year, Davis has emerged as one of the NBA\’s top players. He is scoring at an average of 27.7 points and 12.4 rebounds per game in the season so far. And some insane totals on equally strong performances on the floor.

The Lakers\’ return from a 2-10 start has been largely attributed to Davis taking over as the team\’s top offensive option while complementing their defensive rotation. Thoughts of criticism have accompanied the superstar since they won the championship in 2020. He hasn\’t always been without them. Media coverage of the incident has drawn criticism from Rich Paul. Sam Schube of GQ and Paul discussed Davis\’ encounters with unusual incidents.

He believes the media is in charge. There are written segments, analytics-based segments, and viewership-based segments. There is an increase in viewing when you discuss certain subjects. Paul warned that the media would turn on you if you sided with Davis, in particular. Additionally, he said that Davis had some really bizarre circumstances during the last few years.

Anthony Davis

Moreover, Paul brought up the occurrences that kept Davis from playing for an extended length of time. When he mentioned several popular myths that said the big guy didn\’t want to participate in the game, he expressed his special incredulity.

Anthony Davis has been the standout player for the LA Lakers for the majority of the season. After a rather sluggish start to the 2022–23 season, AD has appeared to be a top-5 NBA player. Davis made his presence felt on both ends, offensive and defensive. His skill level and aggressive offensive style have created several possibilities for the Lakers\’ offense to succeed. He remains one of the league\’s greatest defensive players while also serving as a top-notch rim protector.

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