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The start of 2022 has not been ideal for the Los Angeles Lakers. Some of the team\’s key players, like LeBron James and Anthony Davis, struggled with poor form and fitness issues which were reflected on the points table. However, the Lakers have gained some momentum in the past few games. Despite LeBron James not being available, the squad has won three out of their last four games. Meanwhile, as Lebron James is set to return after five games, the Lakers now have another trouble to worry about. As per the reports, following the incident with DeAndre Ayton, point guard Patrick Beverley has been suspended for three games. 

Patrick Beverley Suspended For Three Games!

LA Lakers have been playing without the spearhead of their forward attack for the past five games. After healing from a groin injury, LeBron James endured an injury in the left abductor, which forced him out of action for a while. Although now, James has recovered from the injury and is ready to make his return on Friday in the Lakers vs. Spurs game. However, the news of James\’ return is coupled with a piece of troubling news for the Lakers camp. 


The NBA has suspended Los Angeles Lakers point guard Patrick Beverley. The authorities have taken the decision following the heated exchange during the Lakers\’ bs Suns game on Tuesday. During the fourth quarter of the game, Beverley charged DeAndre Ayton from behind, pushing him onto the ground. Patrick did so after Devin Booker hit Austin Reaves in the face, and Ayton stood over him, passing taunts.

Following the incident, Patrick was ejected from the remaining of the game. However, after the game, he has been penalized with a three-game suspension by the NBA. The NBA also issued a statement outlining their justification for the punishment, alleging that Beverley \”forcefully pushed\” Ayton. Joe Dumars, President of Basketball Operations, issued the suspension. They considered Beverley\’s history of disobedience, including the time he knocked Suns guard Chris Paul to the floor from behind.

Patrick Beverley

Surprisingly, Beverley\’s record of discourteous behavior had a part in the harshness of his penalty. Patrick Beverley is known for pushing Suns players in the past. Back in July 2021, when he was a member of the LA Clippers, he got into a fight with the Suns. Beverley pushed the Suns\’ guard from behind as the commentators moved to a highlight clip of Chris Paul blocking a shot.

There was a lot of buzz around Patrick Beverley when he was traded from Utah Jazz. However, despite his big reputation, Patrick has not been able to make an impact for his team this season. He has played 14 games for the Lakers in the season but only averages 4.1 points per game.

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