Lewis Hamilton, Adrian Newey
Lewis Hamilton, Adrian Newey

Lewis Hamilton, the outgoing Mercedes driver, is already thinking about his life in Maranello after the Ferrari switch. But for obvious reasons, he has refused to accept the same in public. Hence, when Adrian Newey’s exit from Red Bull was confirmed this week, Hamilton was undoubtedly excited.

Ferrari is touted as the frontrunner to sign Adrian Newey, the acclaimed engineer with 40 years of experience in motorsport and the man behind Red Bull’s invincible machinery. Lewis Hamilton accepted that it would be his honor to work with Newey, and the latter reacted to this in his first media encounter following the exit announcement.


Adrian Newey Flattered After Lewis Hamilton Recruits Him To Ferrari!

Lewis Hamilton, Adrian Newey
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Motorsport engineer with 40 years of designing experience and the linchpin of Red Bull’s dominance, Adrian Newey, will leave the organization in 2025, as confirmed earlier this week. Since then, Newey has been aggressively linked to Ferrari as team principal Fred Vasseur is believed to have flown down to London to meet Newey in person. Moreover, the soon-to-be Ferrari driver Lewis Hamilton also addressed the rumors and said that Newey was at the top of the list of people he wanted to work with. Not only that, Hamilton admitted that given his 65-year-old track record of success, it would be his privilege to have an opportunity to work with him at Ferrari. While nothing is confirmed for now, Newey broke his silence for the first time since his exit confirmation.

Adrian Newey reacted to Lewis Hamilton’s comments, saying that Lewis is kind and that he’s flattered to hear such good words from a champion driver. However, he confirmed that he’s yet to make a decision on his future. Newey explained that he has been in the business for four decades, and the past few years have been extremely busy and challenging, given the changes in regulations. And since he is in a privileged position of not having to work to make a living necessarily, Newey says it’s the right time for him to seek a break and figure out where his heart lies. “I just felt that now was a good time to take a step back, take a bit of a break, take stock of life, go traveling a bit,” Newey said. The Brit is being tasked to finish the hypercar project before leaving Red Bull after the first quarter of 2025.

Hamilton Downplays Adrian Newey’s Ferrari Rumors!

Lewis Hamilton
Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton talks to reporters after qualifying in Japan (AP)

Lewis Hamilton played it safe when he was asked about the speculations of Adrian Newey possibly joining Ferrari after departing Red Bull in 2025. Lewis Hamilton stated that he had no idea about the odds of that move happening. However, he’s optimistic and would very much love to work with Newey.

Ferrari team principal Fred Vasseur reportedly touched down in London hours after Adrian Newey’s exit confirmation to recruit him to Maranello. Italian media also claimed that a deal had been reached and an announcement could be made by the end of the Miami Grand Prix. However, Newey insists that he’s not in a hurry and wants to take a break.

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