Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge had an outstanding 2022 season in the MLB. In addition to setting a record by hitting 62 home runs, he also accomplished a number of other accomplishments. Aaron Judge is currently ranked first among players with the greatest WPA, thanks to his outstanding season. Although WPA and the offensive portion of WAR are quite closely associated. It can also be used to assess how well-timed a hitter\’s contribution was. With a cumulative WPA of 7.71, Aaron Judge\’s name ranked first, about 2.5 points ahead of Yordan Alvarez in second.

In addition, Judge\’s WPA is the best the Yankees have seen in more than 50 years. Mickey Mantle\’s 1961 campaign was the last one to surpass it. The 2022 season for Aaron Judge stood out in unusual territory for a club that has regularly produced remarkable attacking displays for more than a century. His supremacy is clear, as evidenced by the fact that he treats some of the best offensive seasons the Yankees have ever had like chump change.


Nobody has come close to matching his 156 RBI since 2022. The last time a Yankee had 50 home runs since Mantle and Maris\’s fight was in 1961. If Hideki Matsui, Bobby Abreu, and Derek Jeter had been in front of Judge when he was hitting, who knows how many runs he might have driven in.

Nestor Cortes Jr. Wishes Too Aaron Judge Returning To The Yankees!

Whether it be the team management, fans, or the members of the Yankees, there is no shortage of people who want to see Aaron Judge continue with the Yankees in future seasons. Now, there is one more name on the long list. 


For reasons other than his play on the field, pitcher Nestor Cortes Jr. wants Judge to remain with the Yankees. The best attribute of Aaron Judge, according to Cortes, is that he probably understands that he is the leader. And that everyone follows him, as he told Chris Kirschner of The Athletic. But what earns him that distinction is the fact that he consults with his teammates before making judgments. Judge is interested in hearing everyone\’s views on crucial choices.

Cortes also said that the environment is much more positive with Judge in the dressing room. He is considerate towards others. It is not unusual for Cortes to give such high praise to Aaron Judge. He had already alluded to Judge as \”our captain\” for the 2023 season before the Yankees were routed by the Astros in the ALCS.

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