Aaron Judge (Yankees)
After his 0-for-4 night on Wednesday, Judge is now hitting .178 to begin the regular season .AP

Aaron Judge did not have the great start to the 2024 season, he was hoping for. Even the fans started to feel tense as the New York Yankees captain had a very slow start to the ongoing season. Moreover, ahead of the spring training, the AL 2022 MVP mentioned that the toe injury he sustained last year would need constant maintenance until he stops playing. Later, in the spring training, the NY side’s captain could not play many Grapefruit League games owing to an abdominal injury. Clearly, the superstar slugger is not completely healthy.

Moreover, he is taking a lot of time to get back to his groove. However, the Yankees have done seriously well despite Aaron Judge not at his finest. Currently, they are 13-6 as they lead the American League East. The Baltimore Orioles are right behind them with 12-6 in the AL East. Lately, the Bronx Bombers experienced their first losing series in the 2024 season. However, it could have been worse. They could have lost the series against the Toronto Blue Jays by a clean sweep. But thanks to Aaron Judge, coming to his team’s rescue with a game-winning hit, the NY side won 6-4. 


Aaron Judge Helped The Yankees End Their Three-Game Losing Streak

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The Yankees captain was having a miserable series against the Blue Jays. He had a very slow start to the season. Moreover, Aaron Judge was 0 for 12 and had seven strikeouts. Later, when he walked to the plate in the ninth inning on Wednesday, he had a couple of outs, and the bases loaded in the top of a tie game. But then the AL 2022 MVP delivered in time to avoid a clean sweep against his team. Aaron Judge hit a two-run single that went down the third base line. Eventually, that hit helped the Yankees win 6-4. Meanwhile, the Bronx Bomber’s captain prevented a clean sweep against his team at Rogers Center.

The Blue Jays won that three-game series, 2-1. But Judge managed to end a three-game losing streak that his team was on. According to The New York Post, the AL 2022 MVP mentioned that it is a matter of one swing, “Then, you can change everything.” Adding to that, Aaron Judge said in the post-game interview that players must leave it all out there. Also, that it just does not matter what happened in the past. If a hitter was having a great game or a miserable one. As per Aaron Judge, it can change with one swing. Finally, the Yankees are coming home after a 3-3 road trip. 

Teammates Super Happy For Their Captain

Aaron Judge Giancarlo Stanton Yankees
Aaron Judge Giancarlo Stanton Yankees Source: Fox News

The Yankees had a pretty good ninth-inning rally on Wednesday. It was Giancarlo Stanton who sparked that rally. He hit a leadoff home run. Later, in the post-game interview, Stanton talked about Judge’s game-winning hit. The Yankees DH mentioned that the situation was perfect for Aaron Judge. Moreover, Stanton added that Judge always likes to get going with that type of at-bats and never really shies away from that.

Also, Stanton said the team wants him to deliver in the big moments and the captain did not disappoint. Moreover, Juan Soto said the captain had a tough series. But everybody knows what kind of player he is. No matter what happened before, Juan Soto praised his partner in baseball crime for hitting at the right moment and in the right spot. Moreover, Soto said that the team always looks for Judge to win games for them. 

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