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The New York Yankees had a shocking exit in the ALCS after four defeats against the Astors. And, ever since, the biggest buzz in the Yankee\’s circuit is the future of slugger Aaron Judge in the bullpen. The star baseman made it clear that he wanted to gamble on himself, deciding to turn down the Yankees\’ offer and opting to go in free agency. Now, even though the Yankees are hoping to reacquire Judge, there is no denying the fact that other teams are also in play for him. The two front runners in the race to acquire Aaron Judge are San Francisco Giants and Texas Rangers. 

Can Aaron Judge Join Texas Rangers?

At Globe Life Field to close up the 2022 season, Aaron Judge set a new American League single-season high for home runs. As a result, it is not surprising that multiple teams will be interested in hiring the Yankees\’ baseman for the following season. The Texas Rangers are one of the teams that Judge has to contend with the most, according to The Athletic. Additionally, the Rangers recently brought in Bruce Bochy as their new manager, and they are eager to start winning.


After a season that could win him the MVP award, Aaron Judge may now surpass all other position players in terms of compensation. The Rangers are a young team with a huge budget, so The Athletic\’s reports are not far from the truth. Looks like they might work hard and spend a lot of money to win Aaron Judge over to their cause.

What Should The Yankees Do If Judge Leaves?

Aaron Judge has repeatedly mentioned to the media that he wishes to remain with the New York Yankees. However, before the start of the season, he declined an eight-year, $230.5 million contract deal from the Bombers. 

Both parties were unable to reach a deal by the Judge\’s own deadline of Opening Day. As a result, other teams, such as the Giants, Dodgers, and Rangers, are interested in signing Aaron Judge. How will the Yankees handle the impact, then, if Judge decides to go or if the franchise doesn\’t agree to his demands?


If Judge leaves, the Yankees ought to strive to replace him with a player whose name is equally well-known or who they could consider to be bigger. Shohei Ohtani is that player. Additionally, in order to guarantee that Ohtani plays for the Yankees for the remainder of his career, they will need to sign him to a sizable agreement.

On the other hand, the Yankees are unsure of their strategy for the shortstop position because there are four excellent candidates available. They have two options, signing one of Trea Turner, Carlos Correa, Xander Bogaerts, or Dansby Swanson. 

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