Aaron Hicks

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Aaron Hicks Finally Puts An End To A Painful Dry Run, Smacks First Homer Of The 2023 Season

New York Yankees outfielder, Aaron Hicks, has faced immense criticism and scrutiny over the past couple of seasons, majorly because of a offensive rough patch. Coming into 2023, the outfielder carried baggage to prove his worth as his days at the Yankee clubhouse look numbered. Finally, after a month-long wait, Hicks proved to the angry fans that he’s still got what it takes to be a Yankee after all.

The New York Yankees took on Oakland Athletics on Monday for a three-game series. Coming off a heartbreaking series loss with the Rays, the Bombers looked to bounce back against the Athletics. The New York-based team’s hitters displayed top performance as they collectively put together as many as four homers to seal the game by 7-2. Moreover, Aaron Hick, out of all people, surprisingly stole the show.


Aaron Hicks Silences Critics With First Homer Of The Season

Aaron Hicks
Aaron Hicks gets high-fives in the dugout after hitting a HR. via Yankees Twitter

The New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Hicks’ fate hangs in the balance as he is on the radar to lose a roster spot this week. However, unfazed by the speculations, Hicks turned up to put an end to his offensive misery. During the series opener against the Athletics, the outfielder went without securing a hit in the first two at-bats and heard loud boos from the crowd. However, Hicks was in a mood to make a difference as he turned up in his third at-bat to smoke a long two-run homer. As soon as he launched the hit, the outfielder dropped his bat, gazed at the ball, and took a sigh of relief.

The boos turned into cheers, and Aaron Hicks finally had a home run to his name this season. Hicks’ homer came as a delight to his teammates and manager. Aaron Boone said the 33-year-old has been working hard behind the scenes to get his mojo back. Up against the odds, it wasn’t easy for Hicks to continue putting in the grind. But he did not give up and turned up with results. The man of the hour, Aaron Hicks, thanked his teammates for the support and said everybody in the clubhouse was excited about his homer. Nestor Cortes and Oswaldo Cabrera, too, showered praises on the outfielder and said they, as a team, tried to provide him with all the support and are glad that he overcame the rough patch.

Hicks’ Roster Spot Under Serious Threat Despite Monday’s Heroics

Aaron Hicks (Yankees) (AP Photo/Tim Ireland)

While Aaron Hicks rejoices his first homer of the season, that certainly would not guarantee him a place on the roster. Aaron Judge, the Yankees captain, is returning to the lineup on Tuesday from IL. Moreover, as the roster is full, the Yankees must make space. While there are many inexperienced youngsters who could lose a spot, an MLB analyst believes Hicks could be the one who could eventually get axed.

As per Andy Martino of SNY, the Yankees see a lot of potential in the youngsters like Jake Bauers and Oswaldo Cabrera at the moment. Their defensive skills give them an edge over the veteran. Hence, the Yankees might decide to pull the plug on Aaron Hicks and release him from the lineup.