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The New York Yankees have been hopeful for the World Series in 2024 ever since Juan Soto joined the camp. Arguably, the Dominican superstar is the best hitter in baseball. Moreover, the Bronx Bombers needed exactly someone like him. He fits pretty well alongside Aaron Judge. Now, the combination of Judge and Soto can be a deadly one for the rest of the teams in the league. If these two superstar sluggers manage to stay healthy throughout the season, then it will be hard to stop the Bronx Bombers from reaching the World Series. Who could imagine the Yankees would be at this stage after the 2023 season? Last year was really very disappointing for the 27-time champions.

They could not make the postseason for the first time since 2016. On top of that, they finished with a terrible 82-80 record. Moreover, the Yankees had the second-worst batting average in the league. Only the Oakland Athletics, the nine-time champions, had it even worse than the NY side. Clearly, the Yankees needed to reinforce their offense and outfield. They sure did precisely that in the offseason. Since Soto’s entry raised so much buzz and hype, the Pinstripes might want to keep him forever with the team. However, it will take a big deal to stop Soto from moving elsewhere.


Yankees Might Be Ready With A $600M Offer Even Before Juan Soto Becomes A Free Agent

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Juan Soto Yankees Source: MLB.com

Last year, Juan Soto signed a one-year deal with the Bronx Bombers. Later, Shohei Ohtani signed the biggest sports contract in North American history. It was a mammoth $700 million deal over 10 years. After the 2024 season, Juan Soto is set to become the top free agent available in the market. He might demand a price close to Ohtani’s deal. Previously, though, experts did not consider the Yankees offering a massive deal like that to the Dominican superstar. Even Brian Cashman acknowledged the fact that Soto’s going to be a free agent next winter.

However, recently, Brendan Kuty and Chris Kirschner of The Athletic predicted that the Yankees will close the deal with Juan Soto for a $600 million deal. As per The Athletic, it might be a lot of money, but it is also worth it. Moreover, Kuty and Kirschner also believe that the Yankees did not go all-in for Soto “Not To keep him around.” The Athletic also pointed out that only five sluggers in the history of the game had at least 3000 appearances at the plate. Also, very few hitters had an OPS+ of a minimum of 157. Who were the other guys to do it besides Juan Soto? Mike Trout, Mickey Mantle, Ty Cobb, and Jimmie Fox. 

With A $600M Deal, The Dominican Superstar Can Be The Highest Paid Slugger In History

Shohei Ohtani Juan Soto
Shohei Ohtani Juan Soto Source: iiitl.ac.in

If the Yankees can seal the deal with $600 million, Juan Soto will become one of the highest-paid MLB players in history. He will only be behind the Unicorn Shohei Ohtani who signed with the LA Dodgers for an epic $700 million deal. But the Japanese sensation is also a prolific pitcher.

Hence, among the players who don’t take the mound, the Dominican superstar will be the highest-paid. Moreover, if Juan Soto, along with Aaron Judge, can help the Yankees win or reach the World Series this year, that would convince them even more. Then, there won’t be any questions as to why the NY side would extend his contract for such a lucrative amount. 

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