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This Is Why Anthony Volpe Could Just Be The Next Big Thing For The Yankees Nation

Anthony Volpe had an impressive rookie season for the New York Yankees last year. He was one of the only good things that happened to the Bronx Bombers in 2023. Besides Volpe, there was, of course, the ace pitcher Gerrit Cole. The ace hurler of the NY side went on to win his first-ever career Cy Young Award last year. It was a pretty big deal, but Cole said nothing comes close to his dream of winning the World Series. Perhaps every baseball player can relate to the emotion. But the Yankees just had a season not worth remembering in 2023. First of all, they could not make the postseason for the first time since 2016.

On top of that, they finished with an awful 82-80 record and in fourth place in the American League East division. Moreover, they also had the second-worst batting average in the league behind the nine-time champions, the Oakland Athletics. While they had such a rough year, the rookie Volpe managed to impress the New York fans. Albeit, he can surely work on his strikeouts and offensive skills, he was pretty good defensively and earning steals. Now, the question is if Anthony Volpe can be the next big thing after Aaron Judge. 


Anthony Volpe Possibly Can Become The New Pride For The Yankees

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It sure helps, as Anthony Volpe is a die-hard Yankees fan. Lately, in an interview with GQ Sports, last year’s rookie said 2023 was very poor and one of the toughest seasons he has been a part of. However, he does not have much experience in the major league. But Volpe said it really hurt to know that they could not achieve what they wanted to. However, Anthony Volpe also talked about the positives of going through such a season. He said it helped the team grow together, and it lit a fire in several people. However, the truth is most 22-year-olds struggle in their first-time experience in the big league.

And the teams they generally belong to don’t make the postseason. However, the difference in this case is the Yankees most of the times make the postseason, and Volpe got the responsibility to be the new shortstop following the footsteps of the great Derek Jeter. It is a unique position for Volpe to be in. The former Yankees captain really made the shortstop position “The greatest job on earth.” Apparently, Anthony Volpe is a potential centerpiece for the NY side in the future. According to GQ Sports, Volpe can really become the first Gen Z sports hero in New York.

What’s Last Year’s Rookie Say About The Praises That Have Been Coming His Way Since His Debut?

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Anthony Volpe told GQ Sports that he never really saw it from the outside, as in what it’s like playing for another team in MLB and struggling at 22. Last year, he managed to do something that none of the Yankees great were able to do. In his rookie season, Volpe hit 20 home runs and got 20 steals. He also became the first Yankees rookie to win a Gold Glove.

Later, Volpe told GQ Sports that he is grateful for everything he has been through and the foundation he was able to set. But sometimes, Volpe says, things can get frustrating as he knows what he is capable of doing. However, heading to his sophomore season, Anthony Volpe says the fire inside helps him get stronger and a better player. Finally, he said, “I would not trade it for anything.” 

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