Sean Casey will be the Yankees’ next hitting coach. Getty Images

Last weekend, the New York Yankees fell out of the playoff race following a series loss to Chicago Cubs. They entered the All-Star break as the fourth-ranked team of the highly competitive East division. Naturally, the team smelled a sense of urgency and made a bold move. Brian Cashman, the team’s general manager, fired hitting coach Dillon Lawson and replaced him with Aaron Boone’s ex-Reds teammate, Sean Casey.

Sean Casey bid adieu to his 12-year-long MLB career in 2008 and joined the MLB network as an analyst and broadcaster. It’s important to note that Casey has no prior coaching experience. Since the Yankees wanted a fresh face from outside of the organization, Casey proved to be a perfect fit. Eyeing the ex- baseman’s career trajectory, here are the three ways he could strengthen the team’s dead offense.


1. Instilling Confidence

New York Yankees’ DJ LeMahieu reacts after fouling a ball off of himself against the Boston Red Sox during the seventh inning of a baseball game Saturday, June 10, 2023, in New York. (AP Photo/Adam Hunger)(APMedia)

Due to a prolonged offensive slump and the burden to cover for injured captain Aaron Judge, the Yankees hitters’ confidence is shaken. It shows in their body language on the plate. Hence, Sean Casey’s top priority will be to understand the process of each hitter and rebuild their lost confidence. Sean could also induct a new competitive approach to limit the hitters’ high strikeout rate. Overall, instilling confidence and developing a positive approach on the plate will help the struggling batters gain a new perspective and motivation.

2. Timely Hitting

Anthony Rizzo
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

In the words of Sean Casey himself, hits are not always bad; the timing of those sure is. This season, the Yankees have immensely struggled in at-bats, hits, and RBIs with runners in scoring position, as well as in their batting average and on-base rate. Hence, correcting the timing of hits could surely ensure better results. It’s not that the veteran hitters are not talented or capable of playing in the major league. At one time, they remained the best in the league. Hence, the current struggle could be a one-time temporary thing. And Sean Casey’s new outlook could help the hitter regain their lost form.

3. Instilling New Energy And Urgency

Top photo of Anthony Volpe, Nestor Cortes, Aaron Hicks, Gerrit Cole, Anthony Rizzo, Aaron Judge and Oswaldo Cabrera of the Yankees: Sarah Stier / Getty Images

In this area, Sean Casey can put his vast major league experience to good use. Unlike Dillon Lawson, Casey had played in MLB long enough to understand the nitty gritty of the sport. He has had his fair share of downfalls. Hence, he can use his experiences to instill new energy and a positive attitude amongst the Yankees hitters. The team is out of the playoff race, and there has to be a sense of urgency among the unit to somehow recover from this situation.

Having said that, while the Yankees’ dead offense has been a cause for concern, implementing these strategies could help the team regain its scoring prowess. By prioritizing plate discipline, injecting speed on the bases, developing a consistent lineup, and fostering a positive team culture, the Yankees can rebuild their offense and reestablish themselves as a dominant force in the league. The road to the postseason is a bumpy ride. But a team like New York Yankees are known for their classic comebacks.