Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen lost victory to a late puncture on Sunday. Getty/Clive Rose

The 2023 Formula 1 season has been highly non-competitive thus far, thanks to the sheer dominance of Red Bull Racing. At the time of this writing, the drink-based team owns a winning record of 100%. Their car, RB19, is generating an unthinkable amount of pace and is in the hands of one of the finest drivers on the grid, Max Verstappen. While his teammate, Sergio Perez, has struggled relatively, the Dutch driver still remains at the top.

However, despite their strong performance, there are a few races where Red Bull might face significant challenges and may not come out on top. With peers such as Mercedes and Aston Martin picking up pace, the drink-based team will land in some trouble henceforth. Let’s explore three such races where Red Bull might find it difficult to secure a victory.


British Grand Prix (Silverstone)

Lewis Hamilton Silverstone
Mercedes AMG F1

The track circuit of Silverstone has historically not been suited best to Red Bull. Max Verstappen, specifically, has been struggling for the past two seasons, including early retirement in 2021. On the other hand, his Mexican teammate, Sergio Perez, managed to secure a P2 finish in 2022. However, as per the current form, Perez is the last person who could win the British GP this year. Max could stand a chance, but his biggest competitor, Lewis Hamilton, might snatch this one away. Hamilton has an excellent track record in Silverstone, having won eight total races. It’s his home race, and with Mercedes’ new upgrades, Hamilton has a fair shot at winning his first race since the 2021 Saudi Arabia GP. All things considered, British GP might break Red Bull’s season-long dominance.

Sao Paulo Grand Prix ( Interlagos)

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Red Bull racing

The Sao Paulo Grand Prix takes place on the Interlagos track, a circuit known for its technical layout and limited overtaking opportunities. Moreover, Mercedes has a history of dominance on this track. In 2022, they recorded their lone double podium finish of the season on the same track. At the same time, Red Bull failed to finish in the top five. While the story is different this season, Red Bull’s track record in Brazil lowers its odds. Not only that, the Sao Paulo GP is scheduled to take place towards the last stretch of the season, which is close to a time when Mercedes’ W14 will be close enough to Red Bull’s RB19. Hence, it is highly likely that we could again witness a double podium finish from the Silver Arrows.

Las Vegas Grand Prix (Strip Circuit )

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Photo by: Formula 1

Las Vegas is set to host its first-ever Formula One race this year. While not much is known about the Vegas Strip Circuit, considering its dynamics, it will best suit the experienced drivers of the grid, which includes Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso. Both Mercedes and Aston Martin are closing the gap to Red Bull with each passing day. Hence, it is likely that when the Las Vegas GP approaches, one of them will be able to beat the drink-based team. Also, Max Verstappen’s impulsive nature could likely go against him in this newly designed track, as he would need time and patience to adjust to it. Overall, Red Bull will face a challenge and tough competition in Las Vegas this year.