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Lewis Hamilton, Gareth Bale

Seven-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton has achieved numerous accolades in the sport over his decade-long career. He equaled Michael Schumacher’s world record of attaining the highest number of drivers’ championship titles in 2020. In the very next year, he had the opportunity to script history and become the greatest driver that ever lived in the sport of F1.

In 2021, Lewis Hamilton maintained a marginal lead in the driver’s championship standings for most of the season. Meanwhile, Max Verstappen of Red Bull chased him all season long, and it all came down to the final race in Abu Dhabi. The winner of that season’s concluding race was supposed to take it all. However, a human error cost the Briton his much-deserving eighth title and also generated a massive controversy.


Football Star Gareth Bale Reveals He Stopped Watching F1 After Lewis Hamilton Was Robbed Of A Title In 2021

Lewis Hamilton
Max Verstappen (R) and Lewis Hamilton on the podium after the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Sportskeeda

In the final race of the 2021 F1 season, Lewis Hamilton was set to win his eighth title. However, the race director, Michael Masi’s dubious decisions robbed the Briton of his record-breaking title. A red flag brought in a safety car in the final laps of the race. Ideally, the race should have ended behind the safety car with Hamilton in P1. However, Masi twisted the rules and ordered the safety car to exit before the final lap. Not only that, only the lapped cars between the Mercedes driver and Max Verstappen were allowed to unlap, which placed the Dutch driver exactly behind Lewis. Max was able to overtake Hamilton in the final lap as he had pitted for fresh tires. With that, Verstappen won his maiden title, and Lewis Hamilton was denied of it.

The race garnered a lot of controversies after FIA admitted human error on the race director’s end, who was later fired in the aftermath of the backlash. Meanwhile, ex-Real Madrid star footballer Gareth Bale has opened up on the controversy and sided with Hamilton. He claimed he used to be a huge Formula One fan, but after what happened with the Mercedes star, he kind of stopped. Bale thinks whatever happened was unfair, and Hamilton deserved to win that race. In fact, the footballer even refused to count it as a race, as Lewis had to face traffic and could not even pit like Verstappen. Gareth Bale’s strong words resonate with a lot of fans who still believe that the British driver deserved that title. Regardless, Hamilton himself has moved on from it and is focused on the future.

Hamilton Reveals The 2021 Abu Dhabi GP Outcome Left A Deep Scar For A Lifetime

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: Sky News

While Lewis Hamilton has moved on from the events that unfolded in 2021, he will never be able to forget it truly. In an interview, the British driver said that it left a deep scar on his memory and that the sinking feeling might not ever go away. Even though the Mercedes driver tried to reprogram his mind, it took him a really long time to move on.

Lewis Hamilton compared the feeling to that of first love heartbreak. He says that one can never forget their first love and heartbreak. Its stays with them for a lifetime. Just like that, the Briton will never forget what happened to him in 2021. It will stay with him for the rest of his life. Regardless, Hamilton remains committed to keeping it all aside. And the fire and hunger to win the eighth title is still alive.