Red Bull Boss Drivers
Red Bull Boss Drivers Source: Marca

Red Bull is clearly the team to beat at the Formula One grid at present. They have won all the races so far this season and are securely leading the way to the constructors’ champions. Their driver Max Verstappen is the current double-time champion. Hence, Red Bull has a chance to win three consecutive driver’s world championships with the Dutchman. His teammate Sergio Perez is also leading his way to the title, too, since he is the only driver to win a Grand Prix this year other than Verstappen so far.

On top of that, Red Bull has a chance to win all the races this season. In the history of motorsport, no other team has done it. The McLaren team in 1988 fell one short, and Mercedes fell two short in 2016. Hence, the question will remain until the last Grand Prix race this year gets over if Red Bull can win all the races in 2023. But things can take an interesting turn with the top challengers implementing new upgrades to their respective cars. And looks like, despite Max Verstappen’s subtle domination, there are some teams and drivers around who can turn the game.


3 Teams With 3 Drivers Have A Chance To End The Streak Of Red Bull

Charles Leclerc, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton Fernando Alonso Source: PlanetF1

Apparently, teams like Mercedes, Aston Martin, and Ferrari can ruin the party that Red Bull is enjoying so far. Charles Leclerc of Ferrari showed a lot of promise last year as he won two of the first three races. But then he lost his way and gave a free pass to Max Verstappen. He is currently sitting in seventh place and has gained a podium so far. Moreover, Leclerc finished at P3 in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Recently, in the Canadian Grand Prix, Leclerc finished at P4. The finish in Montreal might give Ferrari and its driver some hope to challenge the table topper in the upcoming races. But Fernando Alonso has a better chance to topple Max Verstappen from the top spot as he is currently in 3rd place behind Sergio Perez.

Moreover, the Spaniard is a two-time champion and has done a remarkable job with Aston Martin this year with several podium finishes. However, the eyes are on Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes. The seven-time champion is gearing up to win a race since his last victory came in Saudi Arabia’s 2021 Grand Prix. But in the midway of 2023, the Brackley team introduced quality upgrades that are making the car feel good. Lewis Hamilton knows the best way to get the best performance from the car. He is currently fourth and earned his third podium in Canada this year. But with two more upgrades waiting for Mercedes in the next four races, Hamilton has the best chance to turn the tide in his favor.

Max Verstappen’s Sergio Perez Fading Away

Sergio Perez Checo
Sergio Perez Red Bull Source: PlanetF1

Checo has won a couple of races, but he has lost his grip on the title after showing promise initially. The Mexican is finding it hard to get to a podium since he failed in the Monaco Grand Prix. But Red Bull is cruising to another dominating season victory. Last year, Red Bull won 17 races. The Dutchman won 15 alone, and Checo won two.

It seems like history is about to repeat itself. Sergio Perez might be fading away, but Max Verstappen is glowing brighter than the Sun. The Dutchman is not giving any driver of any team any chance to be number one. He may break his own record of most wins a season that he accomplished last year.