Aaron Judge
New York Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

New York Yankees captain, Aaron Judge, has been under constant media scrutiny for the past several weeks. Ever since he injured his toe after crashing into the Dodgers stadium, the public has been curious and demanding an answer. It’s been more than three weeks since Judge landed on IL, and he is yet to resume baseball-related activities, which have further added fuel to speculations.

And if that were not enough, Aaron Judge again dropped a bombshell in a recent interview wherein he stated that he had torn the ligament of his toe. Ligament tears take weeks and months to heal. As a result, fans and many analysts started speculating if the captain would be able to perform again this season. After a massive uproar, the slugger came forward to clear the air but left without providing any substantial answers.


Aaron Judge Expects To Be Back This Season! But Doesn’t Know When

Aaron Judge
Credit: Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

Yankees star batter and newly minted captain Aaron Judge hurt his toe ligament on June 4 and has been on IL ever since. Despite receiving two PRP shots injections, he is yet to resume baseball activities. Moreover, recently, the slugger said that he had torn the ligament, which further raised many eyebrows regarding the exact severity of the injury. The speculations and assumptions kept on piling up, and it reached a point wherein Judge had to come forward to speak for himself. He spoke to Jon Heyman of the New York Post and clarified that he expects to return this season for sure.

However, Aaron Judge refused to promise a timeline. He said that he feels awful to come up again and again with no concrete answers, but he is trying hard to figure out a date. Judge further explained that his injury was different from a turf toe. Turf toe injuries happen mostly to NFL players and take nearly eight weeks to heal. But the Yankees batter’s situation is not as severe so as he claims. Regardless, it’s been three weeks already, and the slugger apparently is still feeling some pain while walking. Hence, it’s safe to say that Aaron Judge is unlikely to take the field for the foreseeable future, which will be catastrophic for the Yankees.

Yankees Manager Sparks Row While Commenting On Judge’s Probable Return

Credit: Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

The whole confusion over Aaron Judge’s probable return started with the batter himself admitting to tearing a ligament of the injured toe. Earlier, the Yankees repeatedly maintained that Judge had just sprained his toe, and it was nothing major. As a result, the captain’s recent comments wreaked havoc among the fans who desperately wanted some concrete answers.

Meanwhile, in a recently held press conference, Yankees manager Aaron Boone was asked about his thoughts on the chances of Aaron Judge returning this MLB season. To this, Boone replied that while he wants the captain to return, he cannot say for sure if that would happen. Hence, for the moment, it’s just wishful thinking. This statement has further fueled the speculations, and fans have started to lose confidence and faith in the team.