Marcus Stroman
The Mets’ Marcus Stroman, who hasn’t pitched this season due to a torn calf muscle, has decided opt out of the 2020 campaign due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus. (Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

The New York Yankees’ off-season shenanigans kept the fans hooked this holiday season. However, with less than six weeks to go for spring training, the same fans are now growing impatient due to a lack of movement from the front office. With the pitching department in shambles, the fans want the Yanks to make a move as soon as possible.

However, the fact of the matter is that the Yankees are out of options. From free agency to trade candidates, nobody fits well on the roster. Meanwhile, a former Chicago Cubs starter is currently linked to the team in an uncanny free-agency acquisition. However, the Yanks’ dual stand has led to intense confusion.


Yankees-Marcus Stroman Reportedly Held Productive Talks!

Marcus Stroman

In a surprising twist of events, the New York Yankees have reportedly made a U-turn in their pursuit of top-tier pitching talent. Last week, Bob Nightengale speculated that free agent pitcher Marcus Stroman expressed strong interest in joining forces with the club. However, the franchise leadership refused to make an offer owing to its unpleasant history. For context, Stroman had beef with general manager Brian Cashman in the past. When the Yankee GM raised doubt about his pitching capabilities, Stroman went on an ugly rant on social media. He called out the Yanks’ inefficient pitching staff while attacking Cashman indirectly. Since then, the two parties haven’t met eye to eye.

However, this off-season tables turned as Marcus Stroman sought an opportunity with the New York Yankees. While the franchise initially refused to entertain his plea, it seems the front office has had a change of heart. In the latest update, Jon Morosi of MLB Network said that Yanks and Stroman held productive talks over the past week. Moreover, Morosi listed the Bronx Bombers as leading contenders in Stroman’s sweepstakes. While Stroman is coming off an All-Star season, his aggressive attitude could become a point of concern for the Yanks in the future. The club has had a hard time dealing with loud pitchers, at the least. Thus, Marcus’ acquisition could be a gamble move. Nonetheless, at this point in the off-season, something is better than nothing.

Yanks’ Spring Training Camp Dates Revealed!

The Yankees dugout reacts to Giancarlo Stanton’s 400th Career HR. via Twitter NYY

In other news, the New York Yankees are set to welcome pitchers and catchers for spring training on Valentine’s Day, i.e., February 14. Moreover, major league players will join the camp on February 19 accordingly. Additionally, the first major league spring training game will take place at the Tigers’ complex on February 24, and the home exhibition opener against the Blue Jays will take place on February 25.

The spring training holds utmost significance ahead of the 2024 MLB season. It is the time for players to regain their groove and gain as much training as necessary before the ultimate season commences. For the New York Yankees, getting a head start in spring is important. It will boost the roster’s confidence ahead of the big challenge. Moreover, spring training performance will determine where the team stands to a certain extent.