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Yankees Skipper Shuts Down Podcaster For Questioning Aaron Judge’s Omission From Orioles Game on Sunday

Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees captain, returned from injury last season half healthy. He skipped a rehab assignment as the Yanks wanted him back on an urgent basis. Apparently, Judge’s injured toe still has some underlying soreness and pain, which will restrict his movement on the field. Hence, the club is currently playing him as a DH for now.

Immediately after return, Aaron Judge played his first game as a DH. But returned to the field in the very next game. It looked like the captain was headed in the right direction. However, surprisingly, Judge was absent from the series finale vs. the Orioles, which enraged the fans. When a question related to the dubious decision was promoted to skipper Aaron Boone, he lost his cool and snapped back at the podcaster.


Aaron Boone Looses Cool On Podcaster Over Question Related To Aaron Judge

Aaron Boone, Jake Storiale

New York Yankees skipper Aaron Boone had to face a lot of tough questions this season owing to the team’s disastrous performance on the field. Boone, known for his candid nature, ends up losing his cool on many occasions. This time, Talkin Yanks’ podcaster Jake Storiale had to face the wrath of the skipper. During Boone’s weekly podcast appearances, host Jake Storiale pressed the manager’s nerves. He said that as a fan, he feels the Yankee camp is lacking a sense of urgency as they rested captain Aaron Judge for an important series finale against the Orioles. To this, Aaron Boone lost his cool and instantly snapped.

The skipper affirmed that he was going to protect Judge no matter what. The guy has skipped rehab games and is still dealing with a lot of issues. Hence, it’s not possible for him to play back-to-back games. While he understands the magnitude of the games, the decision was made in the best interest of Aaron Judge. The Yankees manager clapped back at Jake and said that out of all people, he should have been a little unemotional as he understands the game better. Boone added that he expects Jake to be better than that. The podcaster host did not retaliate as it would have worsened the situation. Having said that, the clip of the confrontation has garnered a lot of views, and the internet seemingly stands divided.

Yankees Skipper Addresses Fans Frustration Amid Upsetting Season

Aaron Boone
New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone (17) and New York Yankees bench coach Carlos Mendoza (64) look on in the second inning of a baseball game Saturday, July 15, 2023, in Denver. David Zalubowski – staff, AP

The New York Yankees have played worst baseball this season. With a 56-52 record, the team is stationed at the bottom of the American League East division. At this rate, a playoff berth could be out of the question. Naturally, the fans are frustrated as they expect a lot more in exchange for unwavering support. During a recent podcast, Aaron Boone was asked to make the fans understand how they are supposed to feel, as the Yankees team has never been this worst.

To this Yankees skipper, Aaron Boone replied by saying he understands the fan’s frustration. They are passionate, and hence the disappointment is understandable. Having said that, Boone added that he is tasked with bringing the best out of the roster. He will continue to fight and try to put efforts to the best of his ability. The rest is destiny.