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Yankees Shut Anthony Rizzo Down With Post-Concussion Syndrome

New York Yankees had the misfortune of multiple injury issues this season. These injuries really cost them the current season. Since 2016, the Bronx Bombers, for the first time this season, have been on the verge of missing out on the playoffs. Moreover, they did not have any winning streak that could help them do better in the AL East so far this season.

They are still lingering at the bottom of the table. However, the injury issues do not seem to end for the NY side. Moreover, the first baseman Anthony Rizzo will miss the remainder of the current season. The Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, announced it officially ahead of Tuesday’s game against the Tigers.


Aaron Boone Announced That Rizzo’s Season Is Officially Over

Anthony Rizzo Yankees Aaron Boone
Anthony Rizzo Yankees Aaron Boone Source: Bleeding Yankee Blue

Anthony Rizzo’s season is officially over this year. On August 3, Rizzo had his name on the Injured List due to post-concussion syndrome. In late May, Rizzo had a collision with Fernando Tatis Jr., star of the San Diego Padres at first base. This collision caused the concussion injury of Anthony Rizzo. However, Rizzo continued to play despite the injury for over two months. But he did struggle a lot, and it was clear that his reaction time had slowed down. Moreover, Anthony Rizzo mentioned later that he was feeling a bit of fogginess.

The Yankees felt they were running out of time as only a month was remaining in the regular season. However, the manager, Aaron Boone, mentioned that Rizzo was making progressive cognitive improvements. But Boone also added that it was necessary to shut him down for the rest of the year. However, Boone believes everything’s going well regarding Rizzo’s recovery. Albeit, he was not ready yet to play again. Moreover, Aaron Boone mentioned the medics wanted to check up on him after another two weeks, and the team was just kind of against the clock.

Yankees Will Need The Three-Time All-Star To Get Healthy Before The Next Season

Anthony Rizzo Yankees
Anthony Rizzo Yankees Source: WFSB

However, Anthony Rizzo is working out, and he is on the right track for improvement. The Yankees will hope that Rizzo gets 100% healthy in this break before the next season. Everybody expects him to get back to the All-Star status he once was. In the current season, the three-time All-Star slashed a .706 OPS with .244/.328/ .378. Moreover, he hit 12 home runs along with 41 RBIs. The first baseman of the Yankees, Rizzo, can do a lot better than these stats, and he knows it. All he needs to do is recover and get healthy. The Yankees need him to be match-ready before the next season starts.

For the last few weeks, the NY side was going through a losing streak in terms of series and even on the basis of games. Recently, the Yankees have turned things around a bit as they won a few series and games. Currently, the 27-time champions have .500 percentage. Moreover, the Yankees won back-to-back series against the Detroit Tigers and the defending World Series Champions, Houston Astros. Currently, they are playing another series against the Tigers and won the first game 5-1. Hence, the Bronx Bombers are enjoying a four-match winning streak at present.