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Yankees Reporter Drops Truth Bombs On The Absence Of Aaron Judge’s Return Timeline!

Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees captain, is currently rehabbing from a toe injury he sustained some seven-odd weeks ago. After ample rest and multiple cortisone injections, the batter is back on his feet. While the pain hasn’t subsided completely, Judge remains willing to compromise on his health for the sake of an early return.

Recently, Aaron Judge participated in his first live batting practice session after the injury. While facing 15 pitches off Jonathan Loaisiga, he swung six, out of which five landed in the foul area. Moreover, the outfielder also ran bases and participated in training drills. However, despite positive growth, the Yankees are yet to issue a return timeline which is raising major suspicion among fans and analysts alike.


Yankees Reporter Makes A Startling Revelation On Aaron Judge’s Return Timeline!

Aaron Judge
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Seven long weeks into the toe injury, the New York Yankees still have no return timeline for Aaron Judge in place. The absence of a clear timeline for the hitter’s return has been a point of concern since he was first placed on the injured list. Initially, the team provided minimal information, citing the need for further evaluation and assessment. However, as days turned into weeks, the lack of updates and specifics led to growing speculation and frustration among fans. Aaron Boone, the team manager, has been put on a spot on multiple occasions. But each time, he evaded the questions and refrained from spitting out a specific date.

Amid these uncertainties, a popular reporter named Andy Martino of SNY made a startling revelation. According to Andy, the Yankees will directly activate Aaron Judge from the injury list randomly on any day. He added that Judge particularly does not believe in adhering to timelines. But as a matter of fact, the slugger is progressing on a daily basis, which is an encouraging sign. Hence, the reporter claimed that Judge’s return was just on the card. Having said that, until the day comes, the Yanks are likely to keep it under wraps as long as possible. Overall, the key takeaway from this statement is that the Bombers captain is undoubtedly standing very close to his imminent return. Things are likely to change drastically in a couple of weeks.

Aaron Judge Admits To Not Being Pain-Free Upon Return!

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Nobody can tell, looking at Aaron Judge swinging, that he has his toe’s ligament torn. The slugger is batting effortlessly in the box without any discomfort. However, as per the slugger, he is not going to be 100% pain-free upon return. Judge added that it’s not possible for him to get rid of the underlying pain this season. The Yankees’ conditioning staff is working on getting it close to manageable so that he can at least return to playing as a DH.

Earlier, Aaron Judge even claimed that doctors had advised him to opt for surgery. However, the Yankees captain doesn’t think he is at a point where he needs to resort to extreme measures. Hence, Judge has put the surgical route on hold, at least for the 2023 season. Overall, by the early looks of it, Aaron Judge could return to the lineup in the next two weeks, provided all goes well.