Yankees Jasson Dominguez
Yankees Jasson Dominguez Source: Fox News

The New York Yankees had a rough season so far. There is a good possibility that the Yankees might not make the postseason. However, there is some good news for the team as their 20-year-old outfielder, Jasson Dominguez, is on the right track to recovery. Moreover, the NY side would hope to see the young man healthy and match-ready for the next season. 

The Yankees announced that Jasson Dominguez had a right elbow surgery on Wednesday. It was a Tommy John Reconstruction surgery to help him start his rehabilitation. Moreover, the doctors added internal bracing during this surgery. The internal bracing process has helped players with speedy recovery after sustaining torn UCLs.


Jasson Dominguez Undergoes Crucial Surgery To Begin 10-Month Long Rehabilitation

Yankees Jasson Dominguez
Yankees Jasson Dominguez Source: ESPN

Earlier this season, the shortstop of the Boston Red Sox, Trevor Story, took seven months to return after surgery. However, the Yankees revealed that Jasson Dominguez would need nine to ten months to return. Dr. Keith Meister performed the operation on the Yankees outfielder in Arlington, Texas. Later, the 20-year-old Jasson Dominguez posted on Instagram that after the surgery, he was “Officially bionic.” Moreover, Steve Donohue, the NY side’s director of medical services, was there to support the team’s outfielder. Jasson Dominguez played eight games for the Yankees prior to the diagnosis of his right elbow’s torn UCL. In these eight games, the 20-year-old outfielder hit four home runs with .258, along with a .980 OPS.

More injury concerns for the Yankees. As Aaron Boone mentioned, Wandy Peralta, the lefty reliever, is facing triceps pain. The NY side’s manager mentioned Peralta is only suffering a minor injury. He has not pitched since the previous Thursday. But there is no certainty if Wandy Peralta ends up on the Injured List. Moreover, there is Nestor Cortes, who is out with rotator cuff strain. Lately, Aaron Boone mentioned Cortes began a throwing program. Hopefully, it will tell the team that he is heading to the new season issue-free. But if anything goes wrong, Cortes might need another surgery. 

Yankees Manager Boone Gets Into Yet Another Trouble With Umpire

Aaron Boone Yankees
Aaron Boone Yankees Source: ESPN

The tough season must be taking a toll on Aaron Boone. He lost his cool yet again recently during a game between the NY Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays. Moreover, Umpire Lance Barrett ejected the NY Side’s manager. Boone was arguing with the umpire regarding strikes and balls. Then he roasted the umpire. Aaron Boone used some colorful language to roast the umpire before his ejection. Moreover, the reason for frustration is that the NY side can’t hold onto a winning streak.

They won a couple of series before facing the Toronto Blue Jays. However, trouble has been coming from all sides as injury concerns keep increasing for Aaron Boone’s side. These injuries to key players do not make it easy for the NY side. Moreover, there is not much time remaining in the regular season. Hence, it is safe to say that the current season is pretty much over for the 27-time World Series champions. It has been a rough and frustrating time for the Yankees manager Aaron Boone.