“Yankees Needs To Give Anthony Volpe, Oswaldo Cabrera Room For Growth,” Believes Skipper Aaron Boone


Anthony Volpe, Oswaldo Cabrera

This year, the New York Yankees have adopted an unusual approach of putting the farm system to the test very early on in the season. The likes of Anthony Volpe, Oswaldo Cabrera, Ian Hamilton, and many more have played actively in the starting lineup. To be fair, the Yankees were pretty much forced to adopt this approach in the wake of an injury crisis that badly hit the team’s experienced regulars.

Speaking of Anthony Volpe, he made waves in spring training and outperformed all competitions with profound athleticism and hunger to do better. However, his time in the majors has been filled with ups and downs. Still, the rookie has managed to secure his spot. On the other hand, utility player Oswaldo Cabrera has followed the same trajectory. He, too, made a promising start in the spring but failed to carry the momentum in majors. However, the Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, remains unfazed by the duo’s underwhelming performance.


Anthony Volpe, Oswaldo Cabrera Would Be Just Fine, Says Manager Aaron Boone

Anthony Volpe and Oswaldo Cabrera in the Yankees dugout smiling. Twitter NYY

There is a growing concern among Yankees fans about the recent offensive struggles of Anthony Volpe and Oswaldo Cabrera. The batting average of both youngsters has fallen below .200, and there exists no consistency on the plate whatsoever. However, Aaron Boone, the Yankees manager, still has a lot of faith in the duo, mainly because of their dedication to the craft. Boone made his weekly appearance on the Talkin Yanks podcast and shared his thoughts on the duo. Firstly, he addressed Volpe’s situation and said that the rookie has been hitting really well. His numbers certainly do not do justice to the hard work he has put on the plate simply because the hits did not get converted into something fruitful.

However, Anthony Volpe has hit a few game-winning runs, which is good enough for a rookie like him. On the other hand, Aaron Boone praised Oswaldo Cabrera for his impressive defensive plays. He said Cabrera has been at the top of his defensive side, which has helped the team on the field. Also, his versatility as a utility player comes in handy to the management. Boone revealed that Cabrera is grinding day in and day out on the field to produce the desired offensive results. Hence, the skipper firmly believes that if the Yankees stay patient, the duo will produce results eventually. Right now, the team’s main focus should be to allow enough room for Volpe and Cabrera to grow and understand what their strengths and weakness are as major league players. This will eventually help in their overall development as complete baseball players.

Yankees Manager Feels Anthony Volpe Has Been Struck With Bad Luck

Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

The rookie, Anthony Volpe, has hit an offensive slump in the past few weeks. Barring a few match-winning hits, the shortstop has struggled to find consistency on the plate. Fans and analysts alike have raised concern over his form for a while now. However, the Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, has refuted any signs of concern regarding Volpe’s form. In an interview, Boone defended the shortstop and said the numbers do not reflect Volpe’s potential. If you look at the rookie’s hits on the plate, you would know that he is hitting like any major league batter. It’s just that his luck has not gone in his favor till now.

Even Anthony Volpe’s strong hits are resulting in an out which is an unfortunate situation for a young rookie. Regardless, the shortstop has been working with the hitting coach to make the necessary adjustments. After all, the boy is a 21-year-old with no significant minor league experience. It’s his rookie season, and hence the fans must stay patient with him. The season is still long, which leaves enough room and time for improvement for the Yankee’s future star.

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