Anthony Volpe

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Podcasters Come Down Heavily On Out Of Form Anthony Volpe, Yankee Fans Defends The Rookie

Anthony Volpe, the New York Yankees rookie of the season, earned his major league cap owing to the sheer talent and athleticism he possesses. He displayed a glimpse of his extraordinary skill set, which was good enough to impress the critical Yankees top brass. Hence, they made him start as a shortstop during the 2023 season opening day and beyond. However, his transition has been the smoothest.

In the world of sports, opinions, and debates often run high, and the recent case of Anthony Volpe, the highly regarded New York Yankees prospect, is no exception. With Volpe going through a slump, some podcasters have been critical of his performance, while Yankee fans have come to his defense, highlighting the potential and talent he possesses.


Yankees Podcasters Feels Anthony Volpe Is Not Helping The Team Win

Anthony Volpe
Yankees rookie shortstop Anthony Volpe was 0-for-4 with three strikeouts and a game-changing first error of the season in Sunday’s 5-1 loss to the Blue Jays. AP

As with any young player, Anthony Volpe has encountered a rough patch in his development. He has been struggling at the plate, experiencing a dip in his batting average and on-base percentage. These struggles have caught the attention of certain podcasters who have voiced their concerns and criticisms, questioning whether Volpe is truly ready for the challenges of the major leagues. Jake and Jomboy of Talkin Yanks analyzed the rookie’s stats and claimed that Volpe seems to have forgotten who he is as an offensive hitter.

Jake further added that the shortstop’s throwing arm has been weak. While his has ticked off the base running abilities, Volpe’s overall hits have been at a record low. Jomboy further jumped into weighing his thoughts and clarified that they were in no way questioning Volpe’s abilities to compete in the major league. However, the rookie is not helping the Yankees’ ultimate cause, which is to win the world series title. If the Yankees are serious about the ultimate goal, they have to win as many regular games as possible. And for the moment, Anthony Volpe is not contributing in any way.

Fans Come Out In Support Of Volpe Amid Podcasters’ Harsh Criticism

Anthony Volpe
Anthony Volpe kisses his jersey during his first roll call Via@Yankees Twitter

Jake and Jomboy’s criticism of Yankees rookie Anthony Volpe seemed a little harsh to the Yankee fandom. They called out the podcasters and said that the shortstop was just 21 years old and would be fine as the season progressed. Further, some fans argued that his base running ability is better than any of the big leaguers. Hence, the duo just needs to chill and stay patient with Volpe. He must be treated as a rookie to allow him more space to grow without any pressure.

As Anthony Volpe continues his journey through the major leagues, it will be crucial for the Yankees’ organization to provide him with the necessary guidance, coaching, and support. With time and experience, Volpe will have the opportunity to prove his critics wrong and showcase his talent at the highest level. Only then will the true verdict on his potential and ability be determined. For now, all the rookie needs is some support and backing from the team management as well as the fans.