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Yankees Manager Acknowledges Top Outfield Prospect’s Struggles! What Does It Mean For 2024?

After the New York Yankees seemingly turned the page on the 2023 MLB season, the focus was redirected to 2024. The team wanted to ensure that this year’s mistakes do not spill over into the next season. Hence, the team started early this year by cutting off the non-performers, including Josh Donaldson and Harrison Bader.

The roster spaces were assigned to thriving prospects of the Yankees farm system. In less than 10 days, Everson Pereira, Oswald Peraza, Jasson Dominguez, and Austin Wells found a new home in the Yankee clubhouse. While Wells and Dominguez excelled in their opportunity, Pereira has not lived up to the expectations and hype. Amid growing concerns, manager Aaron Boone addressed the issue.


Aaron Boone Wants Everson Pereira To Optimize On Loose Pitches

Everson Pereira is off to a good start playing for the High-A Hudson Valley Renegades after being promoted there late last season and hitting 14 homers in 27 games.Dave Janosz | Hudson Valley Renegades

New York Yankees outfield prospect Everson Pereira was promoted to the big leagues earlier this month. He had gone bonkers in Triple-A by hitting at a .312 batting average while scoring eight homers and 33 RBIs in just 35 games. The Bombers, on the other hand, looked up to him as a potential left-field candidate. Hence, Pereira was the first one to cut in the Yanks’ newly launched youth moment. However, the outfielder has failed to match up to the hype. His performance in small sample sizes has been mediocre at best. In 21 games, Pereira is hitting .143 with seven RBIs and .426 OPS. Barring a couple of doubles, Everson is yet to record a double-hit game.

Naturally, the fans are doubtful of Everson Pereira’s impact in the 2024 season. Amid growing concerns, the Yankees skipper, Aaron Boone, shared his views. He said that in the major league, one gets very few pitches to do damage with. Hence, a hitter must remain ready to try and attack as many loose pitches as possible. With Pereira this season, that has been a problem. Boone feels the outfielder is yet to expand on his swings. Moreover, he is able to connect either land up as a foul ball or an out. “Those are the pitches you got to take advantage of, and that’s the separator from having success here and not,” added the skipper. Having said that, Everson Pereira has two weeks time left to transform the narrative and give fans and the organization hope to hold on to.

Yankees Jasson Dominguez’s Surgery Scheduled For Next Week!

Jasson Dominguez
Just when you thought the Yankees’ season would sputter to an end with no silver linings in sight, here comes Jasson Dominguez, smacking. Serves you right.Photo: AP

On the flip side, the New York Yankees have officially scheduled Jasson Dominguez’s Tommy John surgery for next week. The prospect will go under the knife on Wednesday next week to treat his UCL tear. Aaron Boone, the team manager, confirmed the same. He said that the kid went through the whole process of doctor consultation and chose a surgeon of his liking.

However, Aaron Boone refused to comment on a probable return timeline for Jasson Dominguez. He said that the kid has to undergo the surgery first. Once the procedure is complete, the team can make a timeline as per doctor’s recommendation. For now, his timeline would be the one that is standard for position players.