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Yankees Likely To Trade Gleyber Torres Despite His Profound Performance

The New York Yankees team is off to a great start at the initial phase of the 2023 MLB season if you can ignore some etsy-bitsy issues and injuries. Until now, the Bombers are the only MLB franchise that has not lost any series to the rivals thus far. And if the players of the bullpen keep up the same gameplay and do not get injured much, then chances are that the Yankees will likely become this year’s title contenders big times. Amid this, Gleyber Torres is one of the players who is showing some good game. 

Despite that, chances are that the Bombers might still trade him for a better player in no time. If that happens, then where will Torres go? Let us explore the possibilities. 


Potential Trade Landing For Gleyber Torres

  1. Chicago White Sox
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Currently, the Chicago White Sox has the most strong bullpen in one of the weakest divisions of the MLB. So, they can add one more strong name to their team by adding Gleyber Torres to their squad. By this exchange, the Bombers could add Aaron Bummer’s name to the list. Meanwhile, the Sox could use Torres with Elvis Andrus and Romy Gonzalez.

2. Philadelphia Phillies

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As of now, the Phillies are lagging in the defense sector. And Gleyber Torres will not be able to help them much in the same. However, he could help the bullpen big time at the infield after the departure of Rhys Hoskins. Apparently, the Phillies want to win and want to do it now, so they might be in the market sooner rather than later.

3. Seattle Mariners

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Last year as well, the Mariners were hooked to bring in Gleyber Torres in the squad before the Yankees swept him off. As a result, they took in Kolten Wong. However, there are still pretty good chances of them having an eye on Torres this year. With them, he could play either at DH or second base. Moreover, he will also become an addition to their offensive side. On the other hand, the Yanks could likely use Chris Flexen with them. 

Manager Aaron Boone Praising Gleyber Torres For His Walk-Off Against Los Angeles Angels

In the last game, the New York Yankees had a 3-2 win over Los Angeles that ultimately ended with a walk-off sacrifice fly from Gleyber Torres in the 10th inning. Manager Aaron Boone also appreciated Torres’ game before he sealed the game. According to the skipper, Gleyber had good at-bats all night and didn’t have anything to show for it. He also praised Gleyber Torres’ approach of walking off. “But really good approach there at the end to walk it off for us,” said Boone. 

Gleyber Torres
Gleyber Torres with his hands in the air as he celebrates a homer via @Yankees Twitter

Meanwhile, when asked about his solid performance against the Angels, Torres’ said that he just wanted to put the ball in play. Whatever happened, ultimately, the New York Yankees had another win on their plate.