Aaron Judge in the dugout during the Yankees’ game against the Red Sox on June 10, 2023. Robert Sabo for the NY Post

Aaron Judge wreaked havoc amongst the MLB fans when he sustained a massive toe injury on June 4 while playing against the Dodgers. He crashed into the fence while taking a catch and twisted his right toe. At the time of injury, the Yankees revealed that Judge was diagnosed with ligament sprain and contusion. Hence, he was made to serve time on IL but without a return timeline.

As time passed by, Aaron Judge’s situation just got murkier. Recently, the Yankees captain caused a massive uproar when he admitted that he had not sprained but rather torn the ligament of his toe. This suggested that the initial diagnosis was completely wrong. However, the team attempted to do some damage control by clarifying the statement. Meanwhile, a Yankee insider recently spoke to a journalist and gave insights on a probable return timeline for the captain.


Aaron Judge Could Return After All-Star Break, Claims Yankees Insider

Aaron Judge. (Mary Altaffer/AP)

Yankees captain, Aaron Judge, is in a long waiting game as his injury is taking an awful amount of time to heal. Despite taking two plasma injections, the batter is still feeling some pain while walking. Hence, he is yet to resume baseball-related activities, and it has been three weeks already since his IL stint began. Moreover, Judge recently claimed that he had torn a ligament which led to the fans speculating whether the batter stands a chance at a return this season. However, the skipper Aaron Boone, clarified that the injury is not any worse than they previously projected.

That being said, a Yankee insider most recently spoke to Jon Heyman of the New York Post. He revealed the probable timeline for Aaron Judge’s return. The anonymous insider claimed that the team is expecting Judge to return a week or two after the All-Star break. However, Heyman did clarify that it sounded more wishful thinking. Meaning the Yankees are still not sure if Judge could be back for the next month. The team will resume its season on July 14 after the All-Star break against the Colorado Rockies. Meanwhile, the signs do not look promising at all. Judge was scheduled to resume field activities this weekend. But the plan has been abandoned as his pain is yet to subside fully. Overall, another four weeks of absence is inevitable for Aaron Judge.

Aaron Judge Refrains From Giving A Return Timeline

Aaron Judge
The Yankees are batting .196 in the nine games since Aaron Judge went on the injured list.AP

Before the insider spoke to Jon Heyman, Aaron Judge also sat down for an interview. Giving an update on his injury status, he said that he had torn his ligament and is still experiencing some pain. Hence, for the moment, he is not in a position to provide a return timeline. However, Judge did confirm returning back this season. The reigning AL-MVP added that he is trying his best to feel better and heal at a faster pace. But these toe injuries are tricky, and the team does not have enough data to decide on the future course of action.

Ligament injuries are always tricky. It takes weeks to months to heal, depending upon the severity of the injury. If Aaron Judge fails to return after the All-Star break, it would be catastrophic for the Yankees. Their offense is collapsing at an alarming speed which is resulting in humiliating losses. If the trend continues, the Yankees can bid goodbye to their playoff dream in July itself.