Carlos Rodon

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Yankees Gets Positive Injury Update On Carlos Rodon! Coach Hints At Taking Cautious Approach On Return Timeline

LHP Carlos Rodon signed with the New York Yankees in a blockbuster sign-in of the off-season. The Bronx Bombers acquired him on a six-year deal for an overall payroll of a whopping $162 million. The idea and expectation from Rodon were to assist ace Gerrit Cole in the rotation and be the bullpen’s top starter for the season. Little did they know that the acquisition would turn into the biggest disaster of the season.

Shortly after his spring training debut, Carlos Rodon entered IL due to a forearm strain. The injury was a low-level strain that eventually healed in a few weeks. However, Rodon faced another setback as his chronic back pain flared up just at the time of his return. The Yankees had to shut down his throwing activities momentarily. Meanwhile, as the pitcher undergoes a rehab program with the team’s official coaches, we finally have some positive updates coming in.


Carlos Rodon Successfully Throws Bullpen Session, Next Up Live BP

Carlos Rodon
Carlos Rodon in the Yankees dugout during a game against the Orioles last week. Getty Images

When the chronic back pain did not heal naturally, the New York Yankees advised Carlos Rodon to take a cortisone shot. The pitcher took the order and took the injection, after which he resumed his throwing activities and instantly felt better. Later, the team called him up from Tampa to join the team in New York to continue his rehab program with the team. Since then, the pitcher has been training with the team’s pitching coach, Matt Blake. He played catch and was supposed to hit a bullpen session on Friday.

Meanwhile, as per the latest reports, Carlos Rodon successfully completes the bullpen session on Friday with a constant pitch velocity of 90-93 mph. Not only that, Rodon threw as many as 30 pitches in two rounds and faced no setback whatsoever. Matt Blake, who supervised the entire bullpen session, confirmed that the pitcher looked in good touch overall. Moreover, Rodon will throw another bullpen session this weekend, and if all things go well, he could hit a live BP somewhere around next week. Still, the Yankees refused to put any timeline on the Southpaw’s return. Regardless, the latest updates are enough to suggest that Carlos Rodon’s first trip to the mound wearing the pinstripes could commence any day now.

Yankees Pitching Coach Explains Why Taking A Patience Approach With Injured Pitchers In An Ideal Thing To Do

Carlos Rodon

The New York Yankees have often landed at crossroads with its injured pitcher over the slow trajectory of their rehab program. Just a few weeks ago, pitcher Luis Severino, who was recovering from a lat strain, termed an extra set of bullpen sessions as a “waste of time.” However, the pitching coach, Matt Blake, has explained the reasoning behind it. He said the team is always looking at the bigger picture. While he understands that the pitcher wants to rush in a bid to get back on the mound, it is his responsibility to weigh what is best for that particular pitcher in the longer run.

Moreover, Matt Blake confirmed that the team would take the same cautious and slow approach with LHP Carlos Rodon as well. As he started to hit bullpen sessions, the pitcher would slowly feel the urge to rush to a rehab assignment. That’s when Matt Blake comes in. He said he would have a one-on-one conversation with Rodon and make him understand how taking a patient approach will help him stay healthier in the longer run. Let’s hope the Yankees avoid another Luis Severino situation with Carlos Rodon.