Carlos Rodon, Estevan Florial

The series opener between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox had to be rescheduled due to unfavorable weather conditions. The Fenway Park became a pool of water on Monday as the authorities postponed the opening game to Tuesday, marking it a doubleheader. Doubleheaders are never easy, as they can lead to fatigue amongst regular players.

However, the New York Yankees held their nerves and swept the Red Sox to lead the four-game series by 2-0. The pitchers did a terrific job of restricting Boston hitters in both games. However, a couple of decisions taken by the team management did not sit well with the fans. Naturally, they opted to vocalize their resentment openly.


Estevan Florial Promotion To Leadoff Hitter Leaves Fans Confused!

Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

The New York Yankees, after being knocked off the playoff race, will look to play for their pride in the rest of the remaining meaningless games. However, the team’s dubious strategic decision suggests otherwise. Recently, the Yanks promoted newly inducted prospect Estevan Florial to the leadoff spot against the Red Sox. Florial had not featured in a single major league game this season before receiving a call-up earlier this week due to Jasson Dominguez‘s injury. Without a doubt, Florial has the potential to do wonders. But is he ready to become a leadoff hitter just yet? The fans are asking the same question as they blasted the team over the decision on the internet.

The leadoff position is generally assigned to a consistent player in the group. And Estevan Florial just arrived in the big leagues earlier this week. At best, he should have been put in the middle order to increase the offensive depth. The leadoff position, currently, is not the right spot for him. Having said that, the Yankees might have run out of options due to the doubleheader. Still, somebody like Jake Bauers or Gleyber Torres could have been a better fit. Nevertheless, the Yanks ended up on the winning side as things fell into place. Still, the club had to face the wrath of the fans as they looked for reasons to continue lending their support to the team. After all, this season has been nothing short of a nightmare for the passionate fans who shell out hundreds of dollars to come out in support of their team.

Carlos Rodon’s Quirky Gesture Irritates Yankees Fans

Carlos Rodon
Credit: Dustin Satloff/Getty Images. Pictured: Yankees starting pitcher Carlos Rodon.

Meanwhile, left-hander Carlos Rodon turned up on the mound for his scheduled start against the Red Sox in game 2 of the doubleheader. He had a terrific night, per se. Rodon allowed only one run in five innings while striking out a record number of nine hitters. However, his quirky gesture left the fans a little unimpressed.

An inconsistent Carlos Rodon has often been ridiculed by fans this season. And Rodon, who is not accustomed to this atmosphere, has faced trouble dealing with the negative limelight. Hence, on a day when he displayed his true self, the pitcher decided to give it back by making a sushing gesture. While it’s unclear as to whom the gesture was directed, the fans remain unhappy with Rodon’s uncanny gestures.