Top photo of Anthony Volpe, Nestor Cortes, Aaron Hicks, Gerrit Cole, Anthony Rizzo, Aaron Judge and Oswaldo Cabrera of the Yankees: Sarah Stier / Getty Images

The New York Yankees’ list of humiliating losses just got extended with a recent blowout loss to Chicago Cubs. At home, the Bronx Bombers lost 3-0 as none of the batters were able to pick up a hit against a strong Jameson Taillon. The already struggling offense stopped to a new low as one of the worst in the league.

While a lot of things have contributed to the Yankee fall this season, the offensive lackluster remains the primary culprit. Since Aaron Judge has left the field following a toe injury, the rest of the squad has succumbed under pressure. Meanwhile, with the recent loss against the Cubs, the team has fallen further down in the East division, which resulted in heavy trolling from the fans.


Yankees Fall To Fourth Place In East, Temporary Out Of Playoff Contention

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One of the highly competitive divisions of MLB, the East division has always been the New York Yankees fortress. Last season, they defended their AL-East title successfully after winning a record number of 99 games. However, the tables have turned this year. Since the start of the 2023 season, the Yanks have remained at the bottom of the East table. The Tampa Bay Raya and Baltimore Orioles are witnessing a never seen surge and pose a serious threat to the Bombers. While the New York-based team was able to ditch the last spot on the table, it wasn’t enough to keep them in contention for the playoffs for long.

After the recent loss to Cubs at home, the New York Yankees have fallen out of the playoff race for the first time since May 12. With a record of 48-41, the team is ranked fourth in the East division, a game below the Toronto Blue Jays. While the 27-time World champions still have half of the season left, the early trend does not look promising at all. To ensure success in the latter half, the Yankees need to reignite the offensive spark at any cost. But with Aaron Judge to stay on IL for a longer period of time, will the team be able to move up? A few additions during the trade might help. But until and unless the veterans start to heat up, the team just cannot thrive. As the league moves into the All-Star break, it will allow the Bombers additional time to figure things out.

Fans Troll Yanks Badly For Off-Field Shenanigans

Nestor Cortes
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Meanwhile, the Yankees are celebrating “Hope Week” currently. It’s a social initiative dedicated to celebrating charitable trusts and organizations that are responsible for the welfare of society at large. During the whole week, various Yankee players and coaching staff took part in multiple activities to lend their support. Meanwhile, on Friday, Yankees’ star players Anthony Rizzo and Nestor Cortes participated in a classic act for charity. The duo engaged in some fun banter prior to the game against the Cubs.

However, even the act for a noble cause didn’t sit well with the Yankee fans. They took to social media to target the veterans for being just good enough for off-field shenanigans. To those unversed, Rizzo and Cortes have not been at their absolute best on the field this season. While the baseman is going through a career-worst slump, the starting pitcher is battling an injury. As a result, the duo had to face the wrath of the disappointed and agitated fans.