Domingo German Yankees
Domingo German Yankees Source: CNN

The New York Yankees realized it late about releasing certain players from the 40-member roster. It is always better late than never. But the NY side had to go through the most awful season in the last 30 years of the franchise. They failed to make the postseason for the first time since 2016.

On Thursday, the 27-time World Series champion revealed the names of six players who they’ll release this offseason. Among them was Domingo German, a very controversial character in the team. Many fans believe the Yankees should have gotten rid of him many moons ago. Finally, after the announcement on Thursday, the controversial story of Domingo German as a Yankee seems to have come to an end.


Finally, Yankees Getting Rid Of Domingo German

Domingo German Yankees
Domingo German Yankees Source: CNN

Moreover, it is even hard to imagine another MLB team would show any interest in signing Domingo. Hence, it seems like the right-hander’s career is over. However, the fans will remember him for the promise of 18-win in 2019. Later, in 2020, he violated the MLB’s Domestic Violence Policy. In the recent times, Domingo German received suspension due to alcohol-infused rage in the clubhouse. He stayed out of the team over a month because of the suspension. Even when he played in the team, he always was part of the depth. Domingo was a mere sixth or seventh option for the rotation. If there were injury issues, he would become the third or fourth option.

However, the right-handed pitcher has thrown 100 pitches more than Luis Severino since 2018. Only Nestor Cortes Jr. has thrown 40 more than Domingo German since he broke into the rotation in 2021. Moreover, Domingo has pitched 522.1 MLB innings and played a somewhat essential role for the Yankees in the baby Bomber era. But his controversial and debated presence makes every accomplishment look like empty calories. That’s the reason why Brian Cashman and co. would not even pay $5 million for the right-handed pitcher. It does not seem likely that the Yankees would show any interest to bring Domingo German back into their roster. 

The NY Side Might Need To Clean Up More Space In Their Roster

Franchy Cordero Yankees
Franchy Cordero Yankees Source: Pio Deportes

Moreover, the Yankees barely managed to maintain a winning record at the fag end of the regular season. The Yankees finished with 82-80. It has been nothing short of a tremendous shame. After all, the team hoped to reach the World Series for the first time since 2009. But it just was not meant to happen in 2023. If the Yankees don’t want to wait for another decade before they reach the World Series again, then they need to let quite a few players go from their current roster.

For a long time, the NY side has been stagnant. It is high time for some serious changes. Moreover, BT mentioned if the Yankees don’t fight hard enough to sign Juan Soto from the San Diego Padres, then the team is not serious enough about making the postseason in 2024. But the Padres outfielder is very expensive. Hence, the Yankees need to clean some extra space in the roster.