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Yankees Captain Aaron Judge’s Brotherly Treatment Sways Rookie Anthony Volpe

Aaron Judge is the newly crowned captain of the $7 billion franchise, New York Yankees. A remarkable offensive season in 2022 elevated Judge’s stature as a player as well as a leader. Now, in 2023, being the senior and most respected member of the bullpen, the slugger has a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders. He has to be a perfect role model for the newbies in the clubhouse, as they look up to him for inspiration.

The 30-year-old Aaron Judge is fully aware of his duties. He has become more mindful of his actions as it carries great influence on the younger generation of the club. Most recently, the newest rookie of the Yankees organization, Anthony Volpe, shared how Judge made him feel welcomed during his initial time at the clubhouse. Apparently, the slugger has followed it up with another gesture which completely moves the shortstop.


Aaron Judge Pays For Anthony Volpe’s Suits

(AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

Anthony Volpe has been one of the most hyped-up rookies in MLB this season. After a stellar spring, the rookie made his dream debut in the pinstripes during the opening day as the lead shortstop. While his offense has been on the downside, the rookie’s overall performance has been something you expect of a 21-year-old rookie. Nonetheless, he is a popular face in the Yankees clubhouse. His teammates love him, especially the captain Aaron Judge. Judge sees a bit of himself in the rookie and has been too fond of him.

Recently, Anthony Volpe visited a suit shop in Manhattan to buy suits for future road trips. After multiple fittings, Volpe pulled out his wallet to pay for the clothing. However, the tailor assisting him refused to accept and asked him to put his card back into his wallet. He informed Volpe that, apparently, Aaron Judge had already paid for those pair of suits. Volpe was too stunned to speak. He said it’s a grand gesture that will stick with him for the rest of his life. On the other hand, Judge shied away from the questions related to the gesture and said it’s something he tends to do as a leader.

Anthony Volpe Calls Yankees Captain A Great Leader

New York Yankees Spring Training Opening Day, TAMPA, FL – FEBRUARY 26: Gleyber Torres #25 and Aaron Judge #99 of the New York Yankees look on before a spring training game against the Atlanta Braves at George M. Steinbrenner Field on February 26, 2023 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by New York Yankees/Getty Images)

This isn’t the first time Aaron Judge went out of his way to bond with the rookie Anthony Volpe. During the initial days of the tournament, Judge gifted a brand new PS5 to Volpe and challenged him to a FIFA competition. The slugger apparently overheard Volpe discussing his interest in the video game. But the shortstop owned an older version of the device.

Hence, Aaron Judge bought the latest version and placed it under his seat at the Yankees clubhouse. The shortstop was at a loss for words after learning about the gesture. Volpe thanked him and said it’s the trait of a great leader. The shortstop believes Judge has been going out of his way on multiple occasions to make the newbies feel welcome into the team. Certainly, Aaron Judge is a great leader in making for the New York Yankees.