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Giancarlo Stanton, once regarded as a lethal beast, has fallen off the bandwagon completely this season. In a lost season with the New York Yankees, Stanton’s batting average fell to an all-time low (.191). Not only that, his OPS went down for the third straight season, with a career-low .695 in 2023. Does the former MVP has lost his charm?

No, says Giancarlo Stanton himself. He believes that injuries have riddled his growth these past few years. Regardless, he is committed to 2024 and promised to come back stronger with improved mechanics. Having said that, even the Yankees captain and hitting coach believe Stanton has some juice left in him and suggested a few solutions.


Aaron Judge Wants Giancarlo Stanton To Play More Outfield!

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Owing to his troubling injury history, the New York Yankees have restricted Giancarlo Stanton to the DH role this year. But perhaps it’s not working in favor of the slugger, as he is struggling to generate offensive production. Captain Aaron Judge thinks that relocating him back to the outfield could prove beneficial in the long run. Having played as a designated hitter himself, the captain understands how difficult it is to contribute while sitting on the bench for the most part of the game. “You’re really not in the game as much as you are when you’re playing defense,” said Judge. Thus, the captain urged the team to find a way to incorporate Stanton in the outfield in the coming season.

Earlier, Giancarlo Stanton also echoed his captain’s sentiments. After being assigned the DH role right after his comeback from injury, Stanton said he could help the team better as an outfielder. It helps him stay connected with the game and makes him feel more involved. Having said that, Stanton’s dubious health history is working against him in that regard. He failed to play more than 60% of total games owing to different IL stints in the recent past. Moreover, fielding him in the outfield makes the slugger more prone and exposed to injuries. Thus, the Yankees’ hesitation is undoubtedly understandable. Having said that, if the slugger sustains his heath in the coming year, the Yanks would surely consider taking the plunge.

Yankees Hitting Coach Has An Important Piece Of Advice For Stanton

Giancarlo Stanton, Sean Casey

Sean Casey, the newly appointed hitting coach of the New York Yankees, has watched Giancarlo Stanton’s game closely. According to his assessment, he feels that the slugger needs to utilize his athleticism better. Stanton is a highly athletic baseball player with sturdy physique. However, owing to injury concerns, he tends to restrict himself. Casey also noted the same and urged Stanton to get rid of the hesitation.

He feels that Giancarlo Stanton has to fall back on his old approach to regain the MVP-level performance. “It’s more of a careful swing. I think there’s more of an athlete in there,” said Casey. Having said that, Stanton’s future lies in his own hands. He will be with the Yankees till 2027 and has to find a way to do justice to his payroll. He still is one of the top hitters in the league, and when paired with Aaron Judge, the duo can produce wonders together.