Hal Steinbrenner

Akshita Patel

Yankees Analytical Team To Land In Eye Of The Storm During Hal Steinbrenner “Deep Dive” Audit!

Hal Steinbrenner, the proud owner of the New York Yankees franchise, is pissed with how the team has performed over the past several years. As mentioned by Bob Klapisch, Hal is frustrated with how the group always ends up as runner-ups. Perhaps, this season, Steinbrenner’s patience will reach a breaking point as the team failed to make it to the postseason.

Rightfully so, Hal Steinbrenner has all the right to remain resentful. He is cashing out hundreds of millions of dollars yearly to build the most robust lineup on paper. However, what is put to display on the field could be devastating for any franchise owner, let alone Steinbrenner. Thus, the owner looks determined to take matters into his own hands during the upcoming off-season.


Hal Steinbrenner’s “Deep Dive” Audit To Create Problem For The Yankees Analytics Team!

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As the New York Yankees crashed out of the playoff race, owner Hal Steinbrenner promised swift action. In an interview, the owner confirmed conducting a deep dive analysis to figure out the areas of concern. Moreover, the leadership is mulling hiring a third-party company that could provide an unbiased opinion. Having said that, Bob Klapisch revealed that the analysis will be purely objective and data-driven. The conclusions are unlikely to point fingers at any personnel. Instead, it would focus more on where the Yanks are objectively lagging behind compared to other teams.

However, Klapisch believes this is a bad omen for the Bombers’ analytical team as they could be caught in the crossfire. He says the Yankees’ analytical team is obsessed with exit velocity and spin rates. The team, as a whole, is heavily dependent on numbers, which is proving to be more of a curse. Not only that, the idea of disastrous trades of Josh Donaldson and Frankie Montas allegedly came from the analytics team. Thus, the number game department is going to have to bear the brunt of the deep dive analysis. As one would imagine, something has to give in the aftermath of an abysmal season. And it seems, for the Yanks, it will be the underfire analytics team. Still, it could be weeks before the front office reaches a consensus.

Aaron Judge To Call The Shots This Off-Season?

Credit: Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

The captain of the New York Yankees has remained very vocal this season as the team continued to hit rock bottom. In a recent interview, Aaron Judge dropped hints on his potential involvement in the decision-making process, which will take place this coming off-season. He said he has ideas of quick fixes in mind, which he intends to convey to the leadership. Judge further added that he has the right set of people listening, which is a good sign.

Aaron Judge also called for the need to have tough conversations. He believes that as much as he is desperate to implement the fixes, it would take the entire organization to come together and reach a consensus. It’s certainly not a one-man job. Having said that, Judge has also called for balance in the hitting lineup construction while emphasizing deeply on the importance of health.