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Yankees All Set To Face Tigers For Little League Classic Next Year Despite Limping Form

New York Yankees did not have a great outing against their arch-rivals as Boston Red Sox finished the series with a clean sweep. The team is not able to find a win for a long time. And the frustrating part for the Bombers is the rivalry between them and the Red Sox. Suddenly, the Boston side is enjoying a clear domination over their arch-rivals. They have won eight games of the last nine encounters between the two teams. Even the Yankees manager Aaron Boone accepted that “The Red Sox sure did kick our butt.” It is gradually becoming a one-sided domination between the two sides.

The Yankees have lost eight games on the trot, and fans can’t believe it is happening. But the season-winning streak of the most successful MLB side is in jeopardy. They are not contenders anymore. Instead, the Yankees have become afterthoughts. Moreover, the streak of winning seasons is on the verge of ending. The Bombers enjoyed this streak for thirty years in a row. However, they are having one of the worst seasons in their franchise history. Now, the next three-game series for Aaron Boone’s side will be against Washington Nationals. But the teams also meet each other at special events.


Yankees Will Take On Tigers At 2024 Little League Classic

Yankees Vs Tigers
Yankees Vs Tigers Source: Pinstripe Alley

In the meantime, the dates for the Little League Classic are out, and New York Yankees will face Detroit Tigers next year. On Sunday, the Nationals faced Philadelphia Phillies in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Washington Nationals won the Little League Classic this year 4-3. For this annual event, New York Yankees will head to the same venue on August 18, 2024. Commissioner Rob Manfred announced last weekend that the Bronx Bombers would face the Tigers. Moreover, ESPN will broadcast the game from 7 pm as part of their show Sunday Night Baseball.

The Little League Classic is a special event on the calendar of baseball. On another occasion of such special events, the Yankees took part in the Field of Dreams Game a couple of years back. This league also had games in Fort Bragg in North Carolina and also in foreign locations such as Mexico City and London. The Yankees and the Tigers will attend the Little League World Series as part of the theme of the Little League before their contest. This game of Major League Baseball will happen at Muncy Bank Ballpark in the same town which hosts the Little League World Series annually.

Brief Summary Of The Little League Classics For The Last Six Years

Little League Classic
Little League Classic Source: WZZM 13

In 2017, St. Louis Cardinals met Pittsburgh Pirates for the Little League Classic game. The Pirates won 6-3 against the Cardinals. Next year, New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies faced off for the same event. In 2018, the New York side won 8-2 against the Phillies. Moreover, Jason Vargas started that game opposite Nick Pivetta.

Later in 2019, Pittsburgh Pirates faced the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs blew the Pirates 7-1. In 2021, Cleveland Indians blanked Los Angeles Angeles 3-0. But last year, Baltimore Orioles met Boston Red Sox. The Orioles won 5-3 last year. Moreover, the Nationals came on top against the Phillies this year.