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Will Mercedes Cut Ties With Lewis Hamilton After The 2023 Season Due To His Extravagant Salary?

At present, undoubtedly, the team dealing with the most chaos in Formula One is none other than Mercedes. It has no certainties, not about when the car is going to be strong when there will be a comeback performance, and also not about the DRIVERS. And apparently, the star boy of Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton, whose current contract with Mercedes is ending by the end of 2023, is probably going to switch. Or perhaps Mercedes could not likely afford him anymore because of their immense slump.

The process of uncertainties is in existence in Mercedes when The Times shared very shocking yet somehow expected information. Looks like Mercedes may move on from Lewis Hamilton at the end of his present contract. And the reason for doing so is not Hamilton’s age or his performance. But it is the salary he demands, which Mercedes could not afford anymore. However, this report, too, is not sure true! Yet it is important for fans to know about what exactly is going on in the Brackley factory.

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W14

Just when 2023 arrived, fans started being upset with the fact that this was the last year of Hamilton in Formula One. Soon, working as good news, one of the media networks revealed the details about a new contract Hamilton with Mercedes. The reports suggested that the seven-time world champion stays in Mercedes for two years beyond 2023 as per the new contract in which he will get paid £ 62m per year.

For Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes Is Not A Good Option If He Wishes To Chose The Eighth World Title

Everyone believed in the above report cum rumor because it also suggested that Hamilton would stay in Mercedes for a decade, not being a driver but being a brand ambassador of the team. He will get a salary worth £ 22 million a year. This sounded very much similar to what Lewis Hamilton and boss Toto Wolff themselves claimed recently.

But the problem here is that the current affairs in Mercedes are not allowing things to follow the same plot. Today, Mercedes is not performing well on the tracks. Evidently, the W14 lacks pace. It has no downforce, all that Lewis Hamilton achieved so far is a P5 in both the races held. George Russell, too complained about the new Mercedes car as it was not balanced. He got a P7 in Bahrain but was improved to P4 in Jeddah. However, this improvement could not resist Mercedes from bringing the radical personnel changes that Toto Wolff announced lately.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

After the lackluster two races, the team’s principal claimed that they had been going with the wrong concept, which now is going to change completely. He seemed ready to copy Red Bull’s idea. Anything to match the level of Red Bull. But according to a report, Mercedes is 12 months behind Red Bull in development. So, perhaps any change, upgrade, and updates that Mercedes brings are not worth fulfilling the promises that the team made with Lewis Hamilton.

On the other hand, we can see Hamilton complementing Red Bull’s latest creation. He claimed that the RB19 that it is the fastest car he had ever seen. As per a lot of F1 pundits, being with Mercedes is a choice of no wise for Hamilton. If he wishes to go for chasing the eighth championship, he must SWITCH!